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Micro to Nano SIM card

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

UPDATE: It was much easier than I thought. I just used the new NANO SIM card, entered that into my account, and literally took seconds to transfer over to the SIM card including my contacts and all! (sorry, I was too chicken to cut the other one down to size!)

Has anyone trim or cut their Micro SIM card down to Nano SIM card themselves? Maybe, am crazy, it shouldn't be that hard, but, maybe, am a bit leery....

Granted, I have a bunch of Public Mobile SIM cards that does have the Nano SIM card, but, I also leery in switching that too... Does anyone know if I change the SIM cards, does the phone starts working on an instant switch, or is their a waiting period?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I already have one, as per the original post....second paragraph...guess you missed that

Mayor / Maire

HI @ulearn 

yes, you can cut it and insert that just like a true nano sim card

But it is only $5 to get it from Amazon, why not buy a new one?


Mayor / Maire

Yes, it is possible. I did it few times. Find template on Internet and just be careful when cutting not to leave connected (short circuit) those metal contacts. Chip is in the middle of the card, everything else is plastic and some flat wiring.

Mayor / Maire

@ulearn It is super easy. I have cut numerous sims over the years before they came out with the spacers. Google it, you will be surprised at how simple it is.

Mayor / Maire


All SIMs come with a spacers for the standard and micro size SIMs. The trick is to remove the micro spacer by placing the copper side down on a soft cloth and hold the SIM down and snapping off the micro spacer by on off the corner and you don’t need to trim it off.

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