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Logging In/ Vouchers

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

 I hate the new interface.  I couldn't log in to add funds to my account.  I keep having to enter in the security code even though I already check marked that it was a trusted device.  I eventually ended up having to call 611. 

Second , I had a hell of time trying to find an option for voucher payment.  I found the option using a desktop view rather than mobile...  which is ironic given Public Mobile is  a mobile network company. 

I decided on Public Mobile because , in its marketing, it advertised and prided itself on  "No Contracts".    That was the selling point.  Right ?  But now you have subscriptions which is basically - contracts tiers using a different word.  And you have made it very hard to pay month to month which is my preference.  I'll continue to use Public Mobile but with the new changes,  you are making it hard to love this company the way I use to.





Mayor / Maire

HI @bb6645  For trusted device question, do you not able to login or you just need to enter the code every time you need to login ?    if the Trusted device not working, what browser are you using? Incognito mode? or those safe brower that won't keep cache?

For adding voucher on phone, click the + inside the circle  sign on the lower left (just above the My account tab at the bottome)  it brings up the menu, click Payment, then yo will see Redeem Payment Voucher

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@bb6645 there is no contract.  You have signed no agreement.   You pay for a month and can leave at any time. 

Try clearing your cache or incognito mode for your security code issue.  

If you are having issues with voucher payment, you can try auto pay.  I find it super easy and I've never had a problem.  Adding funds via a voucher sounds like a lot more work.

Mayor / Maire

Yeah I don't know what's up with the system continuously forgetting that I've added my phone as a trusted device. I'd say I only get a day (at most) before it forgets and I need to go through 2fa again (and no, I'm not clearing cache or cookies).

The 90 day plans are in no way a long term contract, you're just prepaying for service as you were before. You can still get the same plan as a 30 day option, but if you want further discounts they want 90 days up front. It's better than any interest rate you'll earn at the bank!

Mayor / Maire


another great option is to get a credit or debit card registered on your account and set to "Subscribed". That way you don't have to pay too much attention to renewals. If you don't have a valid cc or debit, get one of those pre-paid type cards, such as available at Canada Post or retail outlets like 7-11. Load funds to them and you still get Autopay Rewards (if you're still with Reward program) or Points.



Mayor / Maire

@bb6645  Easier way is to *611 and load them 

add have you downloaded the new PM app and created a ever safe ID yet 

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