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LTE kids smart watch?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Not interested in Apple. From what I read, Pixel and Samsung watches won't work. I'd like to set up with a cheap plan, like $15 from Public Moble or Fido.

Anyone get a kids smart watch to work with a nano-SIM? What brand? Can you make VoLTE voice calls? Send and receive SMS from allowed contacts?

xplora X6Play?


@hTideGnow wrote:

HI @Meow  you are funny, why you care why OP needs that?  everyone has a reason to buy something 

Yup. You are correct. Why should I care what other people use or purchase.

Should stick to trying to help if I can and not comment on others' lifestyle and choices.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I got a lil tracker pendant to work with a nano SIM from Public Mobile.  They also sell watches. Texting to the pendant only worked for setup.  I had to change the APN to get data on the device.  Phoning worked.  There is only one button on the pendant and I set it to call a VOIP number I could redirect to wherever I wanted (home or mobile).  School liked that there was only one button as it meant he wasn’t fiddling with it during class.

There was geofencing and tracking but it worked terrible.  When GPS took a location measurement it was pretty good, but most of the time it was using Wifi or something and would miss the location by up to 20km.

so it ended up working like a dumb phone that could only call home.  That actually worked well for us until it bounced off his bicycle, broke, and the charging pins fell out.  Once the battery died that was the end of that and we got an Apple Watch that does better tracking.  We will likely have to change carriers, but Public Mobile is making that easier by raising the prices of legacy plans.  We had a wifi hotspot that worked with the watch for a while, but then it updated to an advertising landing page and won’t connect to the Apple Watch any more.

Anyways, there are watches that take a nano SIM, but I’m not convinced they work great.

HI @Meow  you are funny, why you care why OP needs that?  everyone has a reason to buy something 

Hi @cnsultnt_pl   most good smartwatch have esim built-in.  those when nano sim are not as good in quality, but check with Amazon

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

@cnsultnt_pl - I would recommend:

  • Bell
  • Rogers
  • Virgin

For apple / Samsung watches.

Or if it has Sim card it should work with all carriers.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Because the phone would get lost or broken.  School doesn't allow phones. Kids watches should have good GPS tracking and geo-fencing.

Mayor / Maire

WHY would you (your kid) need phone service in a watch????? What is wrong with very simple phone (and it does not need to be 'smart' phone) to stay in touch with him/her?



In general, Public mobile does not have smart watch plans.  

I have not seen any reported cases of customers getting smart watch to work with nano SIM.  It may be possible, but you would have to set it up and work out the kinks.  

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