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Issues with receiving calls from certain carriers

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Tried using search and couldn't find anything that fit the same problem I've encountered these last few months.


I've been with Public Mobile for years on the unlimited international text, unlimited provincial talk, 12 gb data promotional plan. I'm in AB and have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


Recently, I have started having issues where certain callers (Shaw, TD, some of my friends/colleagues) call my number, get a few rings, then it goes to voicemail. The problem is, I don't get any of those rings on my side then only see the missed call if they leave a voicemail. I stood side-by-side with one of my colleagues last week and he tried calling my phone, no ring on my side and nothing in the call log but he left a short voicemail and the voicemail popped up on my phone instantly. I tried calling him and it worked perfectly fine as expected.


I've tried resetting my phone, turning off do not disturb, turned off my caller ID/spam protection but still can't receive these calls. Not sure if there's anything on my end that I've missed, if there's something wrong with my phone, or if I need a CSR from Public Mobile to look into my account.




Mayor / Maire

HI @akcard   This is something that might take time to troubleshoot, It could be a problem on PM side or on the caller side.  


did you try to change your phone network type to 3G Only?  some phones call it WCDMA only or HSPA Only .  Try it and see if it helps


and for those friends who cannot reach you , was that only occasionally? or they have not been able to reach you for sometime and only going to VM?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks @hTideGnow!


I've never tried phone network type to 3G only. I'll look to see how to enable this on my Note 9 and then see if I can get my friends to try calling me after that. This only started a few months ago, prior to that I was been able to receive calls from these numbers without any changes in my settings.


For friends who can not reach me, it was suddenly they couldn't call me and haven't been able to since with it now going straight to VM every time we try. 

Mayor / Maire


It's likely to do with your 3G network connectivity.


  1. Do you have any issues with outgoing calling?
  2. Is it in a couple of particular locations or can happen at any time anywhere?
  3. What is your approximate location?
  4. Did this start to occur after renewal?

Check your 3G signal strength. Settings>>About phone>>Sim card status>>signal strength ? dBm Make sure you set your network to 3G only then check your signal strength. Report back.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks @darlicious!


I've set my Note 9 to WCDMA only so my Mobile network is HSPA. My signal strength is -91 dBm 30 asu.


For your questions:

1) No issues with outgoing calls at all

2) The inability to receive calls happens everywhere at any time, on both ends of the city and various times of day

3) I'm in north Calgary

4) I don't remember any sort of renewal event happening around the time of this issue, it just showed up randomly a few months ago.

HI @akcard 


this is how it can be done:


From a Home screen, swipe up or down from the center of the display to access the apps screen.
These instructions only apply to Standard Mode and the default Home screen layout .
Navigate: Settings Settings icon,  Connections ->Mobile networks.
Tap Network mode.
Select the appropriate setting, 3G Only should be one of them (some called it WCDMA only or HSPA Only)

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thanks @hTideGnow!


I've set my phone to WCDMA only, the 4G symbol shows up in the upper right corner of my phone but I'm just waiting for my friend to call me when he gets a moment at work to see if it works or not. I'll report back once they get a break in their day to try calling me on whether or not it worked. I'll leave it in WCDMA mode for a while and see what happens. I'll also try calling/receiving from my wife's phone, even though I normally don't have any issues with her number calling me.


Thanks for your help!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi @hTideGnow 


My friend just tried to call me with the phone set at WCDMA only and had no luck, a few rings then voicemail picked up. I have his voicemail notification and was able to send/receive texts from him with this setting on my phone. 

HI @akcard   is this friends always unable to reach you or just since recently?  did you try to test the phone in another area?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi @hTideGnow 


This friend was able to call me in January of 2022 but as of June, has not been able to dial through to me at all. Not in any part of the city and even in multiple cities. I will have to wait until tomorrow to try the WCDMA only mode with my friend down in the south part of the city when I'm down there but we've tried standing physically next to each other and can see his phone dialing my phone but nothing popping up on my phone. Texts work though.