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Is Public Mobile waiving data overage fees for Hurricane Fiona affected clients like Telus?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Telus owns Public Mobile, and they (along with Bell, Virgin, and Koodo etc.) have announced they're waiving data overage fees for Telus clients in Eastern Canada affected by Hurricane Fiona's wrath.


Does this include Public Mobile customers? If not, is Public Mobile going to do the same on its own?






Not sure whether you got the text from Public mobile

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If I read it correctly,  none of the Tier 3 prepaid providers , PM/Chatr/Lucky, are all doing anything


It is true that Tier 3 providers are 3rd class citizens in the telecom industry,.  But,, PM is just as "bad" or as "good" as the other Tier 3 players


@not-trust-anyon , may I know what is the purpose of opening ticket with PM support?  OP was asking if there is overage fee and I believe it was answered correctly.  How can an answer from a PM support be different??

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

The value proposition of PM is getting worse every day imo, the detetoriation of the HSPA network in this area making even voice calls difficult in areas when we somehow still do not have voice over LTE was the beginning but being unable to call any landlines, municipal / health services for up to 72 hours when every other provider is functioning in NL including Bell sharing the same RAN is too much. 


I recall nothing from Public Mobile in situations where Telus steps up with goodwill.  If the issue is prolonged, there might be something because everyone else is doing something.  

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Public Mobile is doing nothing, unfortunately and customers in Newfoundland hours away from the storm are unable to call any landline for up to 72 more hours. Great experience. 

Mayor / Maire

No such thing as data overages on any PM plan. Once you've consumed all your data just stops until next renewal or you purchase a data add-on.

edited, sp

Mayor / Maire

Public doesn't have overages. The only gesture they could do is to give buckets of data. Maybe yank them back when the crisis is over like Bell appears to be doing. 50gigs...until the 28th. But anybody could have an NS number anywhere and the addresses on file could be anything from anywhere. So, what, to give who?

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