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If I have a credit ($35.00); does that mean I can disregard a text note about payment?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I love Public Mobile since I switched from Bell last month.

I got a text telling me that my Pay-by date was in two days. I went to my account and I have a 35 dollar credit. Dumb question, perhaps -- can I assume that the credit will be applied to my charges?


Did I mention that Public Mobile is the best phone plan I have ever had?




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@wsscherk wait 50 minutes, clear your browser history,  go to private/ incognito mode and try again to login.  If you have a $35 credit and your bill is $15 , then you are covered and will be left with a $20 credit for the next cycle renewal date. 

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Yes, charge will come off automatically.

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@wsscherk, If you have a credit in your account, do you have Autopay set up too? If so, that's great, and if your plan is less than $35 are good to go. If your plan is more than $35, then you need to pay more!

For example, I have $51 in my account. My plan is $40, and I have autopay and I do nothing!
Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 8.18.05 AM (1).png

For example, I have $2 in my account. My plan is $40 but I need to make sure I have Autopay set-up or manually add funds to my account. 
Screen Shot 2020-03-19 at 8.19.53 AM.png



If you have $35 available fund in your account, you can use it to renew your plan if your plan fee is $35 or less.

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The credit will be applied  @wsscherk . And as long as you are on autopay,  or the $35 credit is the same as, or more than the cost of your plan. The you are okay.

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@wsscherk You will be always fine if your account has Credits >= your plan cost.

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Hi @wsscherk 

Assuming your plan is 35 ort less you don't have to worry about it

Are you on autopay?

It will lower your bill and give you some (extra) data, and you don't have to ever let it execute you can pay manually and still collect benefits

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The way the PM renewal process works is as follows:

1. Plan will show "expired" sometime before midnight.
2. Rewards get converted to available funds at midnight, rewards reset and account shows Suspended (temporary).
3. In the early hours, if there any available funds they are credited first then if necessary the AP credit card gets charged to cover the plan cost renewal.
4. Plan gets renewed and the account status changes back to Active.


@wsscherk In summary the renewal process is:

1. add Rewards to Available Funds 

2. subtract Plan cost from Available Funds

3. if #2 is negative charge autopay card; if no card is registered service is suspended.


BTW: never look at your account during the renewal cycle as the messages are meaningless as long as your phone is working,


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Not a dumb question at all. This is an automated text from PM, just a friendly reminder that your 30 day renewal is coming up. And yup your available funds credit will be applied to your renewal.


Make sure to register your credit card so that you'll qualify for the $2 autopay credit every 30 days even if you have sufficient money in your account's available funds and your credit card doesn't need to be charged.