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I signed up for US roaming and talk & text, but can not place calls ?

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Can not place calls on US roaming .


Mayor / Maire


It would be very helpful to know where you are in the US? Have you tried calling someone not in your house? Essentially you have a 2G signal but a poor one. Try toggling airplane mode on/off and you may get a better connection to the network. You get a connection after a pretty long pause but unlike an outgoing call where eventually you are able to get the call to go thru on the other end if you are calling your husband it's taking too long for his cell phone to pick up that there is an incoming call coming in and switch from 4G LTE that it "idles" in down to 2G so it can ring for him to pick up. Instead it defaults to voicemail. It would be quicker just to yell up the stairs....?😀


It's quite likely that there are areas inside or outside your home that will have better signal reception. The larger issue is the incoming calling that you can use a workaround of downloading a voip app like textnow or fongo with a Canadian phone #. Call forward the pm phone # using your busy/unreachable option to your voip phone#. This way instead of a call defaulting to voicemail it will ring thru to the voip app on the phone. This works for free on wifi but requires mobile data to work when wifi is unavailable otherwise incoming calls will go the the voip voicemail.


If you want to test your 2G signal strength then switch your network mode to 2G only. Then go to "About Phone">>Sim card status> to>Signal strength>>What is your -dBm? For iPhones you need to dial a code from your phone app dial pad.....? If you have one?

@Bunky   the 2G connections is really not realiable


So, you call your husband in the same house, you both Talk Roaming? you  can call but your husband cannot receive ?  If so, then there is 2G network in your area.  Have your husband try to change the Preferred network to 2G and see if it works

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Yes this is the first add on to my account. I can't even call my husband in the same house without a long wait and it only goes to his voicemail.


Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@HYC58  Also check what add on you have it’s possible you picked a non US roaming option by accident 

Check add-ons /mins /Data



For most up to date account info


edit good point @esjliv and @dust2dust  my posts assume OP is already abroad in their US destination

Mayor / Maire

Roaming will not work in any province.


Is this a re-buy or the first time you've bought an add-on this trip?

Mayor / Maire

@HYC58   US voice roaming is  really hit or miss as it needs to use T-Mobile's 2G network, which is a bit unreliable


which US state and city you are at?


is your text working?  As long as you can connect to T-Mobile, text can use the LTE network and should work

If text work, try to change your Preferred network to 2G and see if it connects and see if it can make calls that way


(update: fixed minor typos)

Mayor / Maire

@HYC58 - are you in the USA? Roaming addons only work whilst in the USA.

If you are in Canada, then you need the other regular addons to calling into the USA from Canada.


If you are in the USA, is this the first Roaming addon you have added to your account?

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@HYC58  Make sure your manually connected to TMobile and reboot the device