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How to transfer to public mobile and keep use previous phone number

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

If I have a SIM card from another provider, how can I transfer to public mobile and continue use my previous phone number. I know I need to get a public mobile's SIM card first. And then, how do I make my previous phone number match the new SIM card? 


Mayor / Maire


During the activation process, there will be an option to transfer your number from another provider.

It is at that stage in the process you identify the prior phone number and the prior account number to allow that transfer to occur.

You're only role in this is to ensure the prior provider service is still active and you respond yes to the port authorization text that they will send you within 90 minutes.

Mayor / Maire


If you are porting your number from another carrier to PM. Follow these instructions to a tee:

The steps must be followed in exact order if you are porting your number over to PM:

  • Make sure your old SIM is active so don’t cancel serviced with them.
  • Purchase a PM SIM from Amazon ($4.99), Canadian Cell Supplies ($6.99) or pick one up from Telus/Koodo store ($10.00) or free SIM or eSIM from Public (only if your phone is eSIM compatible so check).
  • Download the PM app on your phone to activate the SIM. Use the old account number and not the IMEI to avoid issues. Complete to step 6. Note that your previous service is prepaid…you will need to pick a temporary number and contact the CS_Agent to complete the porting of your old number.
  • Keep the old SIM in your phone and wait for the text from old carrier and confirm with YES you are porting over to PM within 90 minute window once you get the text.
  • Keep the old SIM in your phone until porting process is completed because the old SIM will continue to work for about 2 hours.
  • Power off the phone once porting is completed then switch to PM SIM and power on your phone.


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