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How to change APN settings on iphone

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I recently went to the states and was not able to use cellular data even though I purchased a us data plan. In my research, it was suggested by public mobile to change the cellular data APN. I followed the instructions but on my phone I am not able to manually change the APN for cellular data. I only have the option to change the APN for the hotspot. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Update: there were no issues this time when I recently went to the States. Was able to use my data. Thanks for the replies

Mayor / Maire

It is normally not necessary to change the APN. I wonder if your phone was somehow connecting to Verizon. I remember seeing a report from someone saying their iphone did. How that's possible anyway I don't know but so they said. Your phone needed to connect to either T-Mobile or AT&T and to be set to 4G LTE. Other people seem to be saying that AT&T doesn't work for 5G but does for 4G. T-Mobile will work for either. But it's a moot point now as you seem to be saying you're back.

Mayor / Maire

Hi @Darren_oilers01 

Go to Settings, cellular data network. APN should be although it says mine seems to work OK. Try both.

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