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How to activate without credit card

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I dont have a credit card  or debit visaand i want to activate my sim for job purpose . I dont want any bank info linked to my billing cause its to wasy to hack and ive been frauded before. Ive bought voucher and i cant activateit .


@BKNS27 wrote:


Adding to using a reloadable CC to activate your SIM. You can purchase a electronic voucher from

Might be tricky to buy e-vouchers if the op has no suitable card at all or doesn't want to use one online (at least that's how I understand their query?) 


If e-vouchers are on the table, has worked for me in the past, but, apparently, it has higher fees than (which I don't have personal experience with) 

Mayor / Maire


Adding to using a reloadable CC to activate your SIM. You can purchase a electronic voucher from

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Your best option is to follow @wetcoaster post to start up and then pay by voucher. Suggest to pay one month ahead too.  Then spend the balance of the Vanilla card for what ever. A $25 Vanilla will cost you around $30. If you use some ones referral code that will defray your costs by $10. 



Mayor / Maire

Another option: Get one of the prepaid credit cards.


Vanilla Mastercard worked flawlessly for my friend.



Be aware that paying with a prepay cc will deduct the plan cost plus tax from the card value. If you add funds to your account with a voucher, only plan cost will be deducted from your available funds (the voucher amount is subject to tax at the point of sale [ = in the store or at check-out with the online vendor if applicable]).



edit: cleaned up wording

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yes, you can use voucher to activate  but not on the Activation portal directly. It involves a bit of work:


  1. Open ticket with PM support by direct message them:
     **Monitor your Community inbox (envelope icon on the top right) after the ticket is opened.  CS Agent will reply to you there
  2. PM support reply and ask you for the sim card number, an email address used for the activation (login for My Account).   
    They will activate the account with the sim card.  The account will have status SUSPENDED. 
    PM Support will then sent you the login and password. 
  3. Once the account is setup, you can login to My Account and load your voucher to finally activate the service.