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How do I add my phone min when your system shut down hmmm

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I need to add my phone min


Mayor / Maire

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Sheldon86  - you can add on through 611, purchase a voucher at a local convenience store that sells them, or gas station or London Drugs and add the minutes to your account.

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@Sheldon86  My Account is up now.  If you still unable to access, try another browser or clear cache



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 @Sheldon86 : The only way to add "phone min" is to add the money first as above and then buy calling add-ons. And even with that you can't add Canada minutes using 611.

Otherwise, this place is a 30 day plan of features...not minutes...not pay as you go.

Mayor / Maire

Are you saying “when your system shut down hmmm” do you mean you are on $15 plan and you have used up your minutes for the current cycle?

If, yes, wait for your  next cycle to start. 


Top up your account by $5, then buy the $5 500 minute Canada wide add on minutes. They don’t expire and roll over month to month until all used up. 


Going by the time you posted it sounds like the site was down for maintenance which lately has also included 611 as well. There really isn't a whole lot you can do about it until it comes back online. 


Now that it is up and running you can top up your account balance thru 611 by adding a voucher or using your credit card on file if you know your 4 digit account pin #. Otherwise log in add top up your balance with at least $5 then go to the plans and add ons page and choose the $5/500 min add on. Scroll down and confirm your purchase and submit.


The add on will appear at the bottom left corner of your overview page. Log out and reboot.

Duh....the system was down!!!!


Since PM is prepaid only and not all users look at the announcements and some have limited online options or payment methods set up.....would it not make sense to send a text of planned system outages to all users? That would allow those customers to make arrangements ahead of time. Boy that will tick my wife off!!




So if you are on the $15 plan as insurance I would by 2 x $5 500 min. Canada Wide Add-ons. 1 used up, buy another. = no impact to you if system is down. 


This was unscheduled system maintenance which has been happening a lot lately. It also took the 611 system down at the same time. I spoke with a moderator about it who opened a ticket regarding both systems down at the same time. I was told that 611 is supposed to work when the self serve account site is down so that there is always some kind account access available to the customer even if it has limited options available.

@darlicious Ah...ok..but my insurance would have covered the OP.