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How can a text message be forwarded to another phone?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

   Service for my first phone is provided by another company. A second phone was bought new for my child to use for communication with friends and myself) and service by Public Mobile for phone # 2 was activated last week. Both phones are completely functional. Phone # 2 uses the Android operating system.


Texting is our main method of communications from each phone. Forwarding a text from phone # 1 to the Public Mobile phone

(# 2), or any other person’s phone works every time.


On Friday a text message was sent by Public Mobile to phone # 2 and it includes a Public Mobile webpage where more information about what was sent in the text can be found.  This message was forwarded to phone # 1 on the first attempt.


On Monday (at 12:50 pm) a text message was sent to phone # 2.  It stated that my account had been credited more than $60 after having reported a service outage.  The language used is indicative of someone for whom English is not their first language, a service outage was not reported by me, the amount purportedly credited is equivalent to more than an entire month of service, it was sent from a fake phone number, (999) 999-9999, and it purports to be from Telus but does not include a link to a legitimate Telus webpage.  It is quite obvious that this message is is not from Public Mobile or Telus and is fraudulent.


Text messages from other people’s phones which were originally sent to the Public Mobile phone (# 2) have been forwarded to phone # 1 without problem.  A text message has been sent from phone # 1 to phone # 2 without problem.


Every attempt to forward the fraudulent text message from the Public Mobile phone to phone # 1 has failed and the message is instead sent to the Public Mobile phone as if it had been sent from phone # 1 to the Public Mobile phone.


Every attempt to send the fraudulent message from the Android phone (# 2) to the other phone has been done by following every instruction provided by three websites about how to forward a text message from an Android phone and when a text from a sender other than the fraudulent sender is sent from the Public Mobile phone to the other phone, it works.


a) Is the reason why the fraudulent message cannot be forwarded to another phone because the text was sent from a fake phone number?

b) If not, why can’t be forwarded?

c) Is there a way to forward the message (to the other phone)? If so, please provide clear step by step instructions which are not the same as one would usually use to forward a text from an Android phone.




Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

   Thanks JK8 for your possible solution.  Sorry for the late direct response.  As stated in my second post for this question, both the Forward and Share features were attempted, but neither worked with this text message.

   This is the only text message which cannot be forwarded to my first phone, so it is now presumed that it is because of the fake phone number (used to send it "from") and that Public Mobile blocks forwarding of messages received from fake phone numbers or identified scammers and spammers.

The person that sent it already knows it was successfully received.


Did the message include some kind of email address looking thing at the start of the message? If I send an email to my number that arrives as a text I see that sending email address and then the body of the email. The number gets automatically converted to appear as +19999999999.

When I press for a few moments on the message I get a pop out menu with some things plus Forward and more things with View details at the end. I was able to forward that message.

Adding - and is it that number when you view details?

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Response to dust2dust, JK8 and CountyDownleUK :

Every step provided on the four webpages listed here about the topic was completed :


The instructions are identical aside from slightly different wording used by each to summarize the same directions.


Pressing the button until the message block becomes darker or is highlighted to reveal the Forward and Share features was tried, as directed in the four webpages listed above, but neither work, with that message and fake phone number.


Phone # 2 is for my child to use so it is only for texting and receiving phone calls and perhaps the occasional download of a cute animal picture or something like that, but not for e-mail.


Text messages can be forwarded from phone # 1 (which is not Android) and from phone # 2 (Android) from every other person’s phone number which has sent a message to the Android phone, so it is being done correctly. Since other messages from other senders can be forwarded (from phone # 2, the Android and from phone # 1, which is not Android); the phone (and model) is not the source of the problem.


The only reason to forward such messages is to get them off the second phone and send them to phone # 1 so they can be reported and blocked and to prevent the possibility of accidentally responding to a scam text message (and confirming the phone number is active or even worse).


Since the only message which can’t be forwarded is the one sent using a fake phone number, could it be that

Public Mobile blocks messages or calls sent from fake phone numbers from being sent to other phones? Perhaps a Public Mobile employee can answer this question.


If not, if there is something I am doing incorrectly and there is another way to forward a text message (which is not included on any of the aforementioned four webpages), please provide instructions (for me and for anybody else who might experience the same problem in future). Thanks for any clarification and help you can provide regarding this issue.

Mayor / Maire



What kind/model of phones are you talking about?

Mayor / Maire

To have received a text from that number means that they sent it as an email -> text. But it can be forwarded. Do you long press on it to get the choices? (if that's not too obvious)

Mayor / Maire



c) Is there a way to forward the message (to the other phone)?


If you cannot forward the text message to the other phone by using the “Share” option, why not just use the “Share” option to email it to the other phone.

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