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Hi Everybody.... Service, Payment, My account...

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Remember me?  ...Your monthly pest.  I still can't log into my account.  I'm in here complaining about this every month for almost two years.  Are you getting to know me yet?  ....Can  I have a technician or representative who will work on my problem until it is solved please?   Each time I get a tech who just does the same thing that never works, then they go away after an hour and hand me to another tech who then does the same useless stuff.  I spend all day long verifying my identity for up to 5 different techs some times - who all just fail and retreat leaving me with no service after having PAID FOR SERVICE.  My online account is part of my service - is it not?    How am I supposed to pay if it doesn't work?  - Does this company not want my money?  This is total atrocious.... literally almost two years.   Now I have to lose another day in my life to sitting here complaining to this wonderful community and watching techs play musical chairs with my case just to verify my identity all day long and nothing else...  


Can I actually have some help please for a change - like with results or maybe with a representative who actually cares about this company and wants it to succeed...  This is unfair.  It is dishonorable to continue to take my money without giving me the things I pay for.  I have been patient.   This has gone on for almost two years... I have been patient and inpatient.  This problem has cause me much stress, strife and lost communication and revenue... I have not called the company dishonorable yet, but I'm losing my patience.   I am sick of this.   Can't you provide the service we pay for?   Is this communication company unable to make a simple web-based user interface work? 


Not the IT / COmms company I work for.   We would never let a problem like this persist.   We have guarantees of a 10 minute response time and any managed client is looked after until the problem is solved... You guys do nothing.   Am I right?   -Prove me wrong.   I'f you make my account work I'll apologize and take it back. 




sorry I clearly can't read... 😅. i apologize 

"bringing awareness to the relevant comunity about an ongoing problem"


And what's that problem,  @GCHDGHDGDSFGDS ?


You only brought awareness to YOUR problem.   


How'd that benefit the community?


If you knew your 'solution' was to contact the customer support agents, why even bother posting here?





Whoa, someone's got anger issues. 


Had nothing to do with you,  so... whatever.   🙄


I'll reserve my hugs for the trees.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Deep and philosophical.   WHat does that have to do with me?   Are you invalidating my issue here?   
Here is something else deep and meaningful.  Go outside and hug someone.  Turn your computer off and get out of chat forums.   What a waste of breath.  Isn't what you just said even more useless than complaining ?   I complained in a relevant forum not because I thought I could get a solution here - I opened a ticket for that.  Here I am bringing awareness to the relevant comunity about an ongoing problem.  Now it is mysteriously fixed.   I didn't do anything new.  I exhausted all of my options to solve my problem (not being able to log in) a long time ago... SO the tech support that I "COMPLAINED" to fixed it on the back end... therefore you are just wrong and spouting hot air hence my advice - go outside and hug someone.

If anyone knows complaints, I do.


If there's anything I learned from dealing with them, it's that a LOT of people who complain have other options, it's just that they don't go looking for them and feel it's other people's problem to deal with their issues.


A smaller percentage of people who complain have a genuinely valid and sincere reason to do so and have actually tried to rectify their own problems. It's those people I genuinely like to help - the ones who have made a concerted effort to help themselves.  


Sadly, we have become a world of complainers and not doers.

@GCHDGHDGDSFGDS     My response was to gpixel/autopay mention and I never said you don't have the right to complain, in fact, I said the opposite.  Anyway, glad it's been sorted for you...

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

If this problem is solved - I will totally stop complaining.   I don't hate PM.   I just had the same problem - (NOT BEING ABLE TO LOG IN) for a very long time... That is my only complaint.  When that stops - I stop complaining.   I only complained because it's (was) ongoing.  I know how angry people who have no problems always get at someone who does have one... We're not the only ones who have to be patient and polite... Bonus points if your actually kind too.   WHen I get even slightly trolled - I become somewhat hostile too.   I absolutely hate all forums.   Go outside and look people in the eyes for a change people... 

Mayor / Maire

We'll be on pins and needles,  @GCHDGHDGDSFGDS 


And I'm fully aware that words are irrelevant.


Belief is all we've got when insufficient details are offered. 


Actions and ingenuity (and a bit of faith and good luck) drives this mobile service provider we all call public mobile. 

@GCHDGHDGDSFGDS happy that issue is solved.   Like any helpdesk in anywhere , its a junior position and many of then not very or experienced, it could make a hugh deference if you got a good one


Happy that ut is finally sorted 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I know ! it is difficult to comprehend.   I do not know what caused this... But a friendly, helpful tech seems to have won!   Luis got me in and fairly quickly too.  Now I did try to secure it and write down all info from it so that if it happens again it might be easier... Hopefully.  It is just logging in.   Weird.   

I do have technology experience too, but there isn't anything else that I can do on my end.  


The actual problem - on my end - was simply never being able to log in.  That's it.  I had some minor problems from dealing with that , but they are not the issue.   


What you don't understand - in your words... SO I "put up" with it because I save over a hundred dollars.   I don't think the company is "so terrible"  I just think I got brushed off a lot when I needed help from the back end.   I understand they don't have top-notch techs working for them, but they do have some pretty patient ones....


Auto pay is just an option... I should be able to pay manually - no?    Besides my balance is so chaotic that it would fail from insufficient funds sometimes anyway and I'd still would have had to deal with this.

You mention many easy ways to pay... Actually one or two of those I am unfamiliar with... But the actual problem was not being able to log in - that's kinda important.   But I did also have tech support take a payment right through chat too.   Didn't get me into my account though.

I don't want anybody to believe anything.    "Do you want us all to believe..."   Look at him playin' the crowd. lol... When solving problems belief and crowd opinion are irrelevant.   Believe it or not - I didn't say that anyway.   What you believe in is your problem, personally I never believe anything - but that is irrelevant.   

Now tThanks to Luis, My problem seems to be solved for now at least... We'll see if it happens again.  And as you said, and as I have learned a while ago... I'll try to log in to my account and start this process early so I don't have any down time.   

Thanks for all your helps everyone.  Bye for now.  See you next month 😉 lol

As far as the persistent log in problem... what are you using to log in?   A mobile device, a laptop, a desktop?


If the device has stored login credentials which auto-fill your username and password, DO NOT then tap the log in button if they auto-fill as the system may very well then try to automatically try to log you in after credentials auto-fill (especially on Android mobile).


If you do tap the login button while the system is trying to log you in, it'll create an error message every time and you will NOT BE ABLE to log in.


Trust me --- it happened to me for weeks before realizing letting the login processes work got me into the self-serve landing page.  


Your story is difficult to comprehend, @GCHDGHDGDSFGDS 


There are literally tens of thousands of customers here who can manage their accounts and services, some with minimal technological experience and aptitude for such things.


I have a sense you have more than the sufficient capability and know-how to manage your account.   You have written to a long extent, yet have said very little as to what the actual problem(s) is (are), except to complain how repetitive the 'problems' are.


What I cannot understand is why you would put up with the extent of the BS you purport to be putting up with from this mobile provider if it's so terrible.  


So... we know you don't like auto pay or (for some reason we don't need to know about) you are not on auto pay.


So just make sure you've loaded sufficient funds on your account at least 24 hours before the 30 day expiry of each cycle.


Use vouchers, use 611 to load them from your device, use online top ups, use a 1-time debit/credit card top up.  There are many easy ways to pay.   


Are you wanting us to believe you have tried them ALL, and NONE of them work?


Just not buying it.   









Mayor / Maire

@gpixel wrote:


2 years here and you still haven't learned how to properly manage the account... autopay clearly isn't working for you yet you decide to keep relying on it... I've been here 3 years and I don't have any service disruptions related to payment issues. simple solution is to not use autopay and to pay ahead 1-3 months. have "available funds" for the system to withdraw from and you won't experience disruption issues. 

@gpixel    Same here, sorta.   Been here almost 5 years and never had autopay failure although I should say my account currently is probably drawing from the account balance for the last few months, however, the other household account (4.5 yrs) has never had autopay failure either and doesn't have any account balance other than rewards that get applied at renewal but which are never enough to pay the full payment.


Having said that, none of these scenarios are helpful for anyone experiencing autopay failure which certainly seems to happen more than it should for sure.  But I'm also not seeing why this issue cannot be fixed by PM Tech. Dept as has been mentioned more than a few times over many years now and certainly think OP has a reason to complain if his issue has been ongoing for this length of time now.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

you are presumptious and confrontational behind your computer... a real keyboard warrior.   You haven't learned any manners.  Go away.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Yes!  I mean this is an old problem that has been persistent for about two years.  I have been in this forum every month, I have worked with a million techs from here... SO all the standard things - they repeat every month.  I do use any and all browsers, bare boners, in private mode, from multiple / any device... 

Hi @GCHDGHDGDSFGDS what was the extra error when you try to login?  Soemtimes it could be due to browser, like those dark theme extensions or saved passeord auto-login

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Well done.   Nevermind if you can't read and pay attention. 


 First thing you're wrong about: Auto pay - I do not use it.  


Second - My problem - as I have made clear, is that I can not log into my account.  Ever.  Period.  

The problem is simple.   No loggy inny ever.   Comprendes vous.... and their is no support that does anything besides constantly repeating the same useless steps... Now if you aren't going to actually help , perhaps you can take your useless opinion somewhere where it will not aggravate and make this ongoing BS any more stressful. 🙂 🙂 🙂 

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Have you sent a message to CS_Agent from your inbox, nexted to your account icon (mines a ballon). Then wait for a reply.


2 years here and you still haven't learned how to properly manage the account... autopay clearly isn't working for you yet you decide to keep relying on it... I've been here 3 years and I don't have any service disruptions related to payment issues. simple solution is to not use autopay and to pay ahead 1-3 months. have "available funds" for the system to withdraw from and you won't experience disruption issues. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

It isn't about if I can or can not "stand it here"... it is about weather or not it works.  If it does not work then it is a tier 0 service provider because they are not providing any service.  After two years of the same problem persisting - you fail to be a service provider of any kind because you did not provide service.   I could work with someone - if they were.   But I get people who keep walking away leaving the problem unsolved.   That is no support.  That is negligent.  It's been two years.   I know this forum is useless - I'm here to spread awareness or in hopes that some help will pop up unexpectedly.   All these "if you don't like it here you can leave..." comments are useless and show a lack of comprehension.   That is not the point. 

Mayor / Maire

Have you tried multiple browsers also on multiple devices? Like use a laptop/desktop. Do you have all kinds of filters and add-ons and settings on browsers to limit the functionality of web sites? You seem technically inclined so maybe you do have things in your browsers. Or are you maybe using a VPN? Just fishing for possibilities.

It absolutely should not be this hard. But you've also been previously suggested that there are other payment methods. Vouchers with 611 and real time payments or even 611 with your card and your 4 digit account pin.

Can you try clicking on Get Help up top, click on chat, tell it you're a customer then click on sign in. Try your account login credentials..NOT these community credentials...they're entirely unrelated to each other. It's a way to test to see if your account login works.

Mayor / Maire

Hi @GCHDGHDGDSFGDS  we are just customers like you and we try out best to help.  But at the end, you still need to work with PM agent.  I see they replied, maybe you can ask them for escalation


but keep in mind, PM is tier 3 provider.  Tier 3 is like No frills, you cannot expect service like Loblaws.  If you really cannot stand here, maybe you need to more back to a full service providers like Koodo or Telus

Mayor / Maire


we're just normal customers like you...not IT support per se.

Try this...


Give them the same long-winded message you just posted...but give them some pertinent account info too, so they know where to start looking.

Good luck and keep smiling !