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Help understand this plan

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen


Help us settle a debate.

If you get this plan for $19 with a 90 days subscription do you get 9GB of data every 3 months?



@Dolphin12   Yes you are correct.  I have a 90 day plan and most of the data is still remaining in my last 30 days before renewal.  I knew I wouldn't likely come close to using it all but it's nice to have for emergencies such as when the power goes out and takes the wifi out with it. which can be for days on end lately.  

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

@Phil_Adelphus so if you use 1GB the first month you still have 8GB left over 2 months correct?

I really hope this plan comes back for existing customers.

Mayor / Maire

@Dolphin12  Yes you get all the data up front, but you pay for the whole 90 days up front also.  So 9GB for $57 plus tax.  You will accumulate points at 5% of the plan cost that can be used for bill credits and discounted add ons when you have enough.  I have a 90 day plan and like that I get all the data to last the 90 days instead of it restarting every 30 days as it would with a "monthly" plan.

Mayor / Maire


Yes you are correct but it is for new activations and not for existing members.


@Dolphin12 , correct.  For all 90 day plans you get 3x the data of the 30 day plan and the entire data bucket lasts for the duration of the 90 day plan cycle.  The 90 day plan was a great disruptor back in 2016.  I think it still has relevance today.  Effectively data lasts longer which gives customer more flexibility.

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