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Frustrated with new changes locked out of system going on over week. And it got worse today.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hey All,

Sorry for the frustration.  I've been communicating with a "CS_Agent"'s for over a week now.  I've kind of hit a trifecta of issues that are conspiring to do me bad... You know like in prison, in the showers, and you guessed it I dropped the soap. (sorry for the visually, I'm a rather large hairy man as well.) 😉

There are many layers to this problem, and they have worsened over the last few short weeks.

Maybe 2-3 weeks ago, I wanted to upgrade a plan to the 40 / 15 gig one.  Well low and behold I find out that the use of gmail alias accounts utilizing the - symbol are not 100% accessible anymore, if you forgot your password, which I had cause it was years and I need to take better notes.  No big deal.  A CS_Agent basically changed my gmail Alias so it utilized a . and I got a password reset.  I was able to change my plan.  Problem solved so I thought.

a week or so goes buy... And I get my phone stolen.  So I get a hold of CS_Agent, I supply all the information required by them.  they put my account on hold.  I order a new sim card and I also notice there is a new plan for 39 dollars and 20 gigs a month.

So I try to log on to my account... And when I do there is a new Evergreen or something or other system when loggin into accounts.  I enter my new email and password.   And then it asks me for a PIN.  But remember my phone number is on hold, and the phone is stolen.  SO that's a no go.  If I hit resend it only gives me two options.

Option one send text

Option two send Voice Mail

There is no Option three Send via email.. (They later tell me there should be... and I just figured out why I'm not getting that option.. I'll explain later).

Unfortunately for Option two, I don't have the phone, and when I did have the phone generally I didn't get Voice mails. and IF I did I remembered I would just hold down the 1 key and It would log me right in, and No pin was required so I certainly don't remember what it would be after 3 years of not using it.

So a week worth of talking back on the phone with a CS-Agent commences...  Trying every trick in the book, and going over different senario's.  Finally we just agree to wait to my new sim card comes in, the CS agent will activate it... Fantastic, finally we are almost there.  Today is the DAY!  But guess what?

Today of all days, I click the community button, and it brings me the account log in page.. not directly into the pre-logged in community page It would formerly.  it appears that accounts and community is now merged.  And I need a PIN sent to my phone to access community so I can even talk to a CS-agent to either log into my account or activate this new pin.

But as always I'm only ever given the option of SMS TEXT or VOICE MAIL... Never mail. This is important cause i figured out why.

The only reason I was able to log in here and write this message is... This is not the account with issues. Remember I mentioned Alias Email's.  I manage 4 Public mobile accounts.  So I'm logged in under 1 of them.  Even that is screwed up, as I had to make a new community name due to the merge cause it said my previous name of Poobah1972 was taken, so to get here today I had to add an x and make it Poobah1972x just so I can come here and talk about another completely different account with the issues "Mike1972x" (which will likely again need another x once I get this issue resolved.)

So after all of this frustration of the past week plus... and this morning.  I went to log in under the main account that has no alias.. (no . or - in the email name).  And I accidently messed up pin number.. And had to click resend.  AND BOOM. ALL THREE OPTIONS SHOWED UP.  So it was never a Browser issue, a Cache Issue or anything like that.

The news system is purposely removing the issue of being able to retrieve pins to email on all accounts that have a "." in the email.  This is why this whole issue has been so difficult.  Anyone that reports a phone stolen, and doesn't remember there voice mail pin (that's even if you get voice mail while a phone is on hold? I don't know), will be as screwed as I am.

Worse that account can no longer access community cause they need that same pin code to even log in to community to discuss it.

So as it stands right now... I can't not log into community via the proper community account.  Thus I doubt anyone will be able to help me.  I don't even know what to say at this point.

But regardless if you have a "." in your email.. you should 100% still be able to get retrieval codes via email.

REMEMBER People have been using a "." in emails forever and is ubiquitous.  This is NOT AN ALIAS issue.  This is a standard email address in all aspects.  This is clearly an EverSafe / Public Mobile issue.

The pain.. please help.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Similar to the help I got. I was told to log in to change my login settings which were preventing me from logging in.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Poobah1972x wrote:

I've kind of hit a trifecta of issues that are conspiring to do me bad... You know like in prison, in the showers, and you guessed it I dropped the soap. (sorry for the visually, I'm a rather large hairy man as well.) 😉

The commentary after multiple weeks of this crazy "upgrade" is absolutely hilarious and pure gold!  I guess the only way to solve the pain and misery of a botched roll-out is with laughter! 🤣😁

Good luck @Poobah1972x ! Hang in there...all the loose ends will get tied up.  And definitely keep the 3 year old account to maintain the old rewards.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

In case anyone wants a good laugh.

So I've just spent a good more deal of time while at work talking to CS agent today... And after all this discussion they deteremined they can help me, if I answer a bunch of questions.  I answered all the first bunch of questions, then they asked for 2 more bits of information so they can activate the new sim card.

1. what date did you activate this account 


2. What was the last number called or the last number texted.

You see the problem with this question? it's a Gosh Darn Never ending Mobius strip.  Round and round we go, with no stopping and never ever passing go.

To answer ethier question I need either the phone (which was stolen) or access to my account which is currently not possible without access to my phone (which was stolen).  *It's driving me MAD i say!!! MAD!!!!"

I thought maybe my credit card statement might help with the start date, but my online credit card statements only go back 1 year. erg.

I can't even believe I was asked those 2 specific questions...  It's blows my mind.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Good point... Problem continues, as I'm giving this phone to someone else.  So once the pin is activated, I'll need to change the name on the account and get a number ported from another provider... I wonder if all these additional hurdles can be cleared.  At all points I have all answers to any possible security quesitons.

HI @Poobah1972x   if you start a new account now, you are in the not as good rewards system , the Public points

The problem you have can be fixed.  Just work with agent.  With the better rewards system and more saving on the old one, it worths the trouble


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I'm at the point now... I think it might be just better to take this new pin and start a brand new account.. And screw the 3 years and 3 dollars off per month I have earned on the other account.  Cause I'm not sure how many more converations I'm willing to have with a CS_Agent that can't seem to help. (and I'm not prepared to make additional "Free" email addresses that require extra managing to get around a problem that shouldn't be there in the first place.).

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Yes but having one "." in an email address is completely common place... Like all the email addresses.. Literally millions upon millions of them.  This is not an Alias issue. This is a 100% an Eversafe or Publicmobile issue that needs to be fixed.  Creating additional email addresses to get  around this problem is Ridiculous.  And all the frustration and time spent trying all those scenario's was not alright.

I Appreciate the response.


Mayor / Maire

HI  @Poobah1972x alias email could be an issue now, and not recommended.  Get a new free Gmail for this purpose

But you did the right thing, contact agent.  I guess you need to continue messaging them for your current problem

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