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International minutes deduction from add-ons is ummm inconvenient

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi all,

Long time customer. Posting for the first time.

So here is the issue. I have multiple add-ons for international calling, both purchased and those what PM gives at Christmas time.

- 1000 mins to call US

- 750 mins to call India / Pak

- Couple of multiple country international add-ons. These are the free ones that include calling to US, India, Pak, among a score of other countries

The countries I usually call are US, Australia, Singapore, India, Pak.

When I call US, India, Pak, then the system should deduct minutes from the add-ons I purchased and are dedicated to those countries. Rather, it just deducts from the multiple country add-on, which is obviously more valuable.

I know that the multiple country add-on available to purchase does not include the countries that are offered separately. But still, if PM has given 500 mins, I would have preferred they were used for calls to countries that I have already not purchased.

I know it's not a big problem. It's just a hassle or invonvenience. Also, I am posting this here and not directly going to CS because I realize that it's a coding problem that would affect everyone, and it's not an issue that's specific to me.


Here is a screenshot. The 1000 mins and 750 mins are just sitting there.

PM minutes usage.png


Mayor / Maire


This issue has been raised by a customer with the $15/UK and $15/US minute add ons and a couple of customers with a 500mb monthly recurring plan data promotion from 4 or 5 years ago.....and it is purely a coding issue that can be fixed but unless affected customers are willing to make a stink about it which may require a c c t s complaint to get it fixed for everyone.

I think it's obvious that telus either uses pm as it's guinea pig for AI innovations and/or it's penny pinching at its finest as they want to spend the absolute minimum amount on computer programming/coding which garner some of their highest employee salary/contract costs next to their executive team payouts. Recoding is expensive.

It's much cheaper to feed misinformation to customers so that only the most persistent will get compensated for the poor coding. Minutes and data add ons usage is supposed to be the most advantageous to the customer not the other way around. It's even laid out in the. W C C that when a "contract" or the Code is ambiguous it should be interpreted to favour the customer.

While the one 500mb data promo was a coding mistake there were so few customers with that promotion fixing the coding is not cost effective whereas compensating a couple customers complaining in 4 or 5 years (w/only 1 of the 2 pursuing it?) with a free add on once in a blue moon is more sensical. (I'm unsure what the UK/US customer did?)

When pm revamped its long distance minutes add ons they were not coded correctly and as a result your promotional holiday gift add ons are being used first when they shouldn't be... Monitoring your calling destination minutes and screenshotting the minutes used on your phone and in your account and contacting. Customer support to adjust your minute counters quarterly ( perhaps?) to properly reflect the intended usage would be the best compromise and advantageous to the provider overall. 

Considering the recent change with data add ons now expiring 30 days after purchase which required the expense of recoding the add ons pm has no excuse to not ensure that customers get exactly what they paid for. It also may be a reason for pm to reconsider having expiry dates for newly purchased data add ons....especially if they have not been coded correctly. 

For the most part my data and minute add ons are used from oldest to newest regardless of whether they were gifted, purchased or promotional and have always been used from least expensive to most expensive or as per their intended usage. The exception and an obvious coding error was the 1gb bonus data "thank you" add on given to all customers with an active account on August 19th 2019. Add on data usage switched to the 2019 1gb data add on holiday gift from the first "more is merrier" campaign. And my RBC 5gb data add on promo from activation remains untouched but everything else is being consumed chronologically from oldest to newest and "cheapest" to most expensive.


I'm currently using data and minute add ons from June/July 2020 on one account. The August 2019 1gb add on resumed usage after the "more is merrier" holiday gift data add on was consumed and I have only recently used it up and started on an "community feedback" gifted/prize from February 2020 on my other account.

Im happy to help advise you privately if you get pushback from customer support if and when you decide to pursue this issue.....?

@softech  For reference......if needed.

@Altaesar  I found these are the add-ons order to be used from the post before:

from the Moderator:


The order of consumption is the following:

- the units included in the rate plan

- any one-time add-on activated on the account from the most recent to the oldest one (for example if you have one added in September and one added in October, it will be consumed the one from October first, because it's the most recent)

- any add-on that is renewing from month to month from the most recent activated to the oldest one

Of course, that was a reply back in the days where data add-on were "permanent" 


Mayor / Maire

@Altaesar - I noticed this before too and asked CSA why this happened. Not much you can do going forward to select which bucket it comes from. But perhaps you can ask CSA to deduct or add to certain buckets after making calls; they might do this for you.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi @softech 

Of course. I don't expect it to be able to change that myself, and just for me.

I am thinking more on the lines, wouldn't the algorithm be better of it were like


International Call Originate

Check for existing add on to destination, use if available, exit

Check for existing multiple country add-on with that country, use if available, exit

No add-on found, don't connect call, exit


Mayor / Maire

@Altaesar  Hahahah yes I noticed this myself 

add ons





@Altaesar   I am not sure if we have ways to change which Add-on the sytem deduct the minutes from.   I think some member tested it before and couple still have the "note".    @maximum_gato , is this something you have insights?


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