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Frustrated & Unhappy

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Is anybody else getting fed up with public mobile? Come renewal time every month, for the past few months, I seem to have issues and they never get resolved leaving me without phone service for days. Several months ago when they did their revamp to the new system PM remove authorization for my username and password leaving me unable to access my self-serve account. After repeatedly attempting to change my password I got a prompt on the screen saying unable to process at this time please try again later. I then submit a ticket and patiently wait for someone to message me usually in a day or two during which I have no phone service. Last month when this happened I thought it was all rectified after speaking to the customer service agent having a new password set up my account was supposed to be changed using the available balance to the highest volume data package offered. Not only did my plan not change I still don't have access to my self-serve account and I don't have service on my phone yet there is an available balance of more than what is required to either renew my account or change the plan to what I had asked for last month. Using the star 611 service even though I have to enter my four to six digit phone password to access any of the options they don't offer an option to use your available balance towards your monthly plan. How ridiculous is that? It clearly states in the voice prompt if you would like to add money to your account or make a payment to your account please push one blah blah blah all it does is take your money and not let you use it towards what you wanted to in the first place. I've been a customer of public mobiles for a long time almost back to their very beginning and to be quite honest I haven't had the greatest of experiences. No I'm not a newbie or a beginner when it comes to accessing or altering options and plans and such so please spare me your step-by-step instructions on how to do so, it doesn't work. I'm sure they'll be a bunch of you who don't even get to this part of my posting, can't even be bothered to read through the whole post before you jump to conclusions and treat me like an idiot who can't go through the simple basic steps prior to getting to this point. So for those of you that do get this far in my post and refrain from giving me kindergarten instructions, I respect you and thank you. What I'd really honestly like to know is how many other Public Mobile customers out there experience frustration and are not completely satisfied with their experience being a public mobile customer. Thanks for your time have a good evening.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I've had my account a year now and I only use 611 because the self serve has always been terrible n if u forget what email you signed up with your screwed

@trish24 wrote:

i am generally sorry you are having these issues and i hope that someone higher up reads that and looks for a solution to resolve this issue once and for all i know myself i can't seem to access the website from my mobile phone i get a weird telus permission error and i think they need to look at actually having an app to help customers and help them keep track of their usage 

@trish24 if your phone has remembered email and password, try NOT hitting the Log In button after the email and password are entered, and just wait for it to log in itself.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

There is a reason you only have to pay 25$ for your troubleshooting and customer support.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

no he is losing access to his phone services as each month there is an issue with it renewing and taking his payment and on top of that he is having issue with his ability to access the account in order to get it fixed faster

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

i am generally sorry you are having these issues and i hope that someone higher up reads that and looks for a solution to resolve this issue once and for all i know myself i can't seem to access the website from my mobile phone i get a weird telus permission error and i think they need to look at actually having an app to help customers and help them keep track of their usage 

@hTideGnow- No, he's saying the ability to log in. The password needs to get reset. The account remains active the whole time. At least that's how I read it.

Mayor / Maire

Really?? no login for 90 days and account got delete even the account is Active?  

Mayor / Maire

yes this was learned through talking with past customers who have had trouble logging in and had to reset their passwords. 

@esjliv- That user is the only one mentioning the idea. It's interesting but I've just never proven it out.

@dust2dust - I wonder if I have reached the 90 day login attempt at any point for any accounts?🤔
I have never had to reset it due to having credentials deleted. And, i've never heard otherwise. But, hey, who knows with updates!?

@esjliv- I haven't explored the idea as I frequently log into the few accounts I "manage". I seem to think the idea that he is saying is that the ability to login after those 90 days is paused (maybe not deleted). The account can be active the whole time. Just not logged into inside of 90 days.

@BrianD1 wrote:

I was just scrolling and found this . I didn't know about the 90 day thing -- Thank you Mayor


@BrianD1 @gpixel  - this statement is misleading:

"if one doesn't login to their account within 90 days the accounts credentials are deleted. "


It doesn't matter if you log into your account within 90 days or not, account credentials will not get deleted.


If you are in NONPAY/Suspended status for over 90 days, then your account, phone number and access to My Account is gone/closed.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I was just scrolling and found this . I didn't know about the 90 day thing -- Thank you Mayor


Mayor / Maire


this company is becoming more and more of a DIY service. if one isn't taking the time to login to the forums and familiarize themselves with the new issues and how to resolve them on their own the experience here will be just as you've described it. sounds to me you were trying to get customer support to make these changes for you. not a good choice as customer support has also lost its ability to resolve issues... 


  • resetting the password can be done on your own. one important "step" after resetting the password is to open an incognito or private tab and then login using the new password. skipping this step will cause errors. 
  • if one doesn't login to their account within 90 days the accounts credentials are deleted. 

Mayor / Maire

@Parkbenchguy13   "Frustrated & Unhappy" warranted, and i've made it through all your post. 🙂

You will find many posts in the forum that have similar issues you have experienced. 


My Account (once always referred to as Self Serve) has always had some issues it seems (at least during my time around here). 


The old Self Serve never seemed to have the cache issues (like not showing actual/correct information) like this "new and improved" My Account does. Grant it, perhaps Public improved certain elements using a possible 'cookie-cutter' system, but over all, it should be more fail-safe in my opinion.


Login issues are best avoided by certain work-arounds. Although, I don't agree this is the way it should be, unfortunately for some it is necessary for the time being.


Autopay failures still seem to happen. I dislike this one almost the most! These should not happen. And adding funds ahead of time defeats the whole purpose of the benefits of Autopay. So, not good.

Mayor / Maire

First question, @Parkbenchguy13 


Are you on auto pay?


I don't see any reference to that in your post.


If not, are you suggesting that your Available Funds balance has been EQUAL TO or GREATER THAN your plan amount prior to renewal, yet your plan does not draw upon those funds towards a successful renewal?


That indeed is a first. 


Are you logging in with a mobile device?  During the login prompt, if your login credentials autofill, do you manually tap the login button or allow the system to automatically log you in?


If you're using a device with stored/remembered credentials, sometimes when these autofill, the device also attempts to automatically log you in.  If your device does this, do not tap the sign in button while it is trying to log you in as it will deliver an error message every time and appear to not let you login.


As for auto pay, if not on it, give it some thought. 






Mayor / Maire


Sorry to hear you are having issues with login into your account. You are correct in saying it is kindergarten issues if steps are followed.

The PM website is glitchy and I don’t know why PM can’t or won’t fix it.

The simple steps i do is save my login name on my phone with the password so I won’t forget it. If you change the password, i would keep a record of the change so no confusion.

Clear the browser cache, cookies and go incognito on your browser on a laptop or PC and not on my phone.


I have been with PM for 2 years and I never had any issues with login to my account at all and very happy with PM with the service and savings.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Hi @Parkbenchguy13 

i am very happy with public mobile, and big thanks.


step-by-step set your account correct, to be very happy.


  • use browser from computer,and clear cache/cookies/use inPrivate mode,will working fine.
  • set up autopayment.
  • set 4 digit number PIN.
  • To Login Page  or  Login Page Rewards

    you will get verification code by email or SMS
    and inserting the 6 digit number and not press anything, just wait about a 3 second will automatically be Login,,

  • and you can Disabled if not like be each time Login to get verification code.
  • correct your email and password.and save it them in note.

Mayor / Maire

I'm not completely satisfied. The site is terrible for caching. The simple act of refreshing the page as we would all be familiar with does nothing. We have to click the little refresh icons lower down or use incognito mode. Ridiculous.


So since you've been here so long, surely you must be familiar with all the methods of making a payment. So I'll review them anyway. 1. Log in to the account and use the registered credit card or use vouchers. Vouchers can be bought in lots of stores and online. 2. Dial 611 and with your 4 digit account pin use the registered card. Or no pin required to use a voucher. 3. Dial 1-855-4pu-blic from any phone and you get to the same place as 611. 4. Use real time payments in some stores. 5. Log in to the account via the chatbot and use the registered credit card or vouchers.


So what plan are you on and what balance do you have? The system should absolutely use the balance to renew if the balance is more than the plan cost.

Mayor / Maire

@Parkbenchguy13   Understand that it is frustrating without service for couple days like this for couple months.  One workaround to avoid is to manually load enough fund couple days ahead of the renewal days.  Not great, and manual work, but this is something to assure no service interruption


As in the login issue, I am curious, what exact error you got?  

Page Expired error?

or some random hex number or so?  

Provide us a screenshot and maybe we can help  Seen different issues and sometimes are the browser instead of PM issue

Also, try Incognito mode if you have not done so