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Finally a new promo!!(Targeted) 5GB BONUS DATA ADD ON $25+ plans

Mayor / Maire

Well would you look at that...finally something different!



Mayor / Maire

I should probably post the small print....but wouldn't you know it 4 days after activating a referral who couldn't wait any longer to activate......oh well! 


This is a targetted offer only. Only people who have received the e-mail offer from Public Mobile about offer are eligible.


So it is....edited.



Your turn....have received I think you mean.



Yes, of course. I changed the wording of my post but left the wrong word in there. It's for people who did get the e-mail message.

Mayor / Maire

one time, but include $25 plan.. not bad... 

This was the promo that I started my "data" account with a couple years ago. I still have some of that data left what with all the gifts. But we were able to change plans at that time.

But I was not targeted for this one.



Stackable too....

so , we can triple dripped...

Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

I got one of these too so is it truly targeted? Do someone who's already a customer? Or is it more randomly targeted or targeted randomly? Just the same it's good to have a few different promotions out there.