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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I used to have several gigs of data, but some has been removed from my account, why? I need it put back on.


Mayor / Maire


When you use up all of your data the data counter disappears from your overview page. Plan data resets and reappears upon renewal. Data add ons roll over every 30 days until completely used and then disappear forever.

Mayor / Maire

@Demers - your plan data renews every cycle. Any promo data that would have been with an activation you made may have a data addon in either a 1 time thing (once you use it up its gone), or a recurring one (for some many months or ongoing..depending on the promo).


So, what data items are you talking about here? Do you have any screenshots of your addons at any point that you can share here?

Mayor / Maire

@Demers   we need more info


you meant those were Bonus data?

you sure you didn't use it by accident?  Maybe the phone was using it for some big OS update?


when was the last time you see those bonus data?  Check the Usage log and see if you see big web data usage i the last little while


and what phone do you have? Android or iPhone?