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Data and Services in the US

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Does anyone know if the service and data are good in the US (specifically New York)?


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Mayor / Maire


It depends on how long your trip to the US will be for and how you will need to use the service? Are you going as a tourist? Just needing basic services and some mobile data here and there when you cannot connect to free wifi? Or do you need a lot of data for your regular daily activities? Or are you there on business?


The current workaround for the loss of the 3G network affecting your ability to use voice services is to download a voip provider app such as textnow or fongo and choose a canadian phone number. Then upon departure or arrival in the US purchase a 10 day US Roaming Data add on ($20/1gb, $15/500mb, $10/250mb or redeem points if on that program ($)15pts/1gb, ($)10pts/500mb, ($)5pts/250mb).


Regardless you will always recieve incoming pm SMS on your phone. With US Roaming data you can send/recieve voice calls and SMS with your voip provider (fongo charges for outgoing texts). You will also be able to send/recieve MMS, RCS and iMessage. And of course you will have mobile data. If possible having the $15 plan in place while in the US makes it more affordable.


If your travel time in the US is close to or more than 30 days then a local sim card can make more sense. Forwarding you pm phone # to a voip app # before leaving Canada and removing the sim card so it does not connect to a US tower**and default your forwarding back to pm voicemail is paramount and/or leave it with a trusted friend or family member in case it needs to be reset.


Then depending on length of stay in the US you can choose from many local providers such as:



**A member willing to test to confirm if call forwarding defaults back to voicemail if the pm sim card connects to a US tower w/4G LTE only would be awesome!!

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Mayor / Maire

@raymondzhou122 Data should be perfect for New York.   PM partners with AT&T and T-Mobile.


Voice might have problem as US is taking down the 3G network,  it might be hit or miss

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@raymondzhou122 personaly I think the data may work but with the shutdown of 3g I wouldn't hold much faith in the talk working

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Are they replacing 3g with 5g?

Mayor / Maire

@raymondzhou122 any amount of time there I would go with a local sim 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Does pm have local sim or would have to use a different companies services?

Mayor / Maire


consider getting a local sim and cheap plan in US.

With the elimination of 3G in US won't have calling available to you with PM Roaming add-ons.

@raymondzhou122 you find one on amazon or pick one up in NY



>Are they replacing 3g with 5g?


5G is not the solution in this case, we need VoLTE and rumors say ut might come end of Sept



>Does pm have local sim or would have to use a different companies services?


different companies,  check it when you are there.  Many choices and good price