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Customer service

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Why are customers paying for absolutely no customer service?  I had to conversate with a BOT to add money to my account??!!  This is just disgusting.  Make the Portal more user friendly so we don't have to be insulted by the BOT responses


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

We are paying for PM for reasonably priced mobile service - 99.9% you will not encounter any issues but if you do ..... you will have to make do with the help system.  

With regards to adding money, renewing or updating your account in any way -- you need to simply log in to your account page and do what you need to do.

@Rottadorbabymom   PM support is all online, that's how the make the plan slightly cheaper.  It is not too bad once you are familiar with the system and My Account

But if you really want to cancel the plan, you can either port out your number to another provider and your account will be closed upon successful port out of the number

Or you can disable the toggle "Subscribed" to disable Pre-Authorized payment instead.  Once it is disabled, PM will not be able to renew your account on your next renewal , your account will then be suspended on that day and 90 more days, it will be closed

To disable Pre-authorized payment, you can use *611 if you know the 4 digits PIN

Or you can also login to My Account and go to Payment page -> Manage Subscribed, and then toggle the "Subscribed" to disable Pre-Authorized payment.  

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am tired of talking to virtual bots.  A person responding would be much more appreciated instead of auto generated.  I want to cancel my plan and my kids's plans bevcause this has become a nightmare site to use




They are just making it "fancy" and make the payment page with the bot, I guess ChatGPT is the latest trendiest thing  🙂

are you ok to make a payment that way? any trouble you encountered?

Mayor / Maire

@Rottadorbabymom  Message support directly 

  • Getting support / submit ticket


  • Get support by starting a conversation with virtual Chat box >>>>>>. Click here                 


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