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Changing plans from 1GB at 3g

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I am currently on the 1GB at 3G plus voice and text for $25 less $5 rewards ($2 for auto pay, $3 for loyalty.) So I am paying $20/month plus GST. I also have about 600 unused international minutes from previous bonuses.

Can I switch to 4GB at 4G for $24 and do I have to change from rewards to points. Will I be able to keep the free international minutes?


Mayor / Maire


first, you can change any plan and keep your current rewards system and addons you have.  So, yes, the LD minutes will stay

But, I think the plan is for new activation only.  If you see it on your My Account, change subscription page, you can change it yourself

if not, maybe try asking CS agent and see if they are willing to help, please submit a ticket with CS Agent here:  


Mayor / Maire

Your rewards are tied up with your ACCOUNT not plan!

So you can switch to any plan you want and rewards will stay as is - UNLESS YOU! switch to Points.
All other rewards and add-ons (unless add-on is time limited) will stay with you.

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