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Cant Call Out

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am having issues making calls to certain numbers, while in Fort Rouge Winnipeg area. When I try and call out and it fails I hear an automated message "2UT1 All Circuits are busy please try your call again later".


The ones that have returned the error is one was to a Public Mobile # (Winnipeg 204232/Ported), another is a MagicJack (204480 - Winnipeg - GP Group Telecom).

Ones that have worked with no issues is to Shaw (Winnipeg - 204615) and another is to MTS (Beausejour - 204268)


I've never had issues at this location calling any number prior to today, noticed around 12:30PM (Winnipeg Time)


I can disconnect from one of the failed calls and make a successful call to examples, when successful try an error'd number and still errors.


There have been no changes to my handset or plan, I have restarted it but no change. SMS to one of the affected numbers goes through. Data is unaffected.


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I did try a reboot and always am on 3G only, but thanks Everyone. Ill keep digging.

Mayor / Maire

@jhnest - if this is just happening today, hopefully it is just a network outage or tower issue.

hopefully it will all come back 'online' soon.


Check for outages in your area: 

Mayor / Maire

@jhnest   It could some outage issues with the numbers you are calling.  Have you tried changing your network to 3G and see if that helps?

Mayor / Maire

@jhnest so, calling other  numbers have no problem and just that 2 particular numbers with problem??


try reboot your phone once.  


try making the call from another area and see

but again, it could be local network problem