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Can't activate

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

when I try to subscribe I get Error xxxxxxxx.  I have an Android Samsung fe 21 and I can't download the app either it says it's not available in my country dude I live in Ottawa Canada lol

I'm trying to switch from Bell because they charge to much but signing up with you guys is a mission. 

Why can we not have telecom companies that grape us in pricing and services? When I was in Australia I was paying $25 a month for unlimited talk text and data with no problems. 


Mayor / Maire

@maxhelpme  Did you purchase the phone in Canada? Maybe its still set to Australia.

Go into your Google Pay Store app. Click on avatar top right* settings bottom left about phone > General, 'Account  Country  Preferences 'to see if it's set to Canada.

If it's not you need to change it to Canada. 

Mayor / Maire


perhaps your phone thinks it's still in Oz and won't download the Cdn app for PM.

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