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Can I have a physical sim as well as a virtual or Esim card for my Iphone 13pro?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I currently have been using PM for years with no complaints, however, the need to carry my personal and work phone is a real pain.


The account in question is with another carrier, though I am able to change it to PM.



It is my understanding they will only carry one physical SIM card and one Esim. Is this possible to do on an Iphone13 Pro (regular size not the max size)



Thank you


@darlicious   you are correct, VoLTE still work even when data switched off.:

Voice and data are divided into separate packets and they travel through different protocols assigned to them. When you switch off the mobile data, the data packets get blocked, but voice packets can still be transferred.

Mayor / Maire


I don't think using voLTE will make a difference. You are only using the network for voice calls not the data. It's the same as if your phone is using 3G only. You can use the data and your calling services at the same time you just can't use dueling data at the same time.






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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you very much for the prompt and knowledgeable response.




@AKOTTAWA   Yes, you can.  You can keep PM with you on the physical SIM and your office one with another provider on the eSIM.    


Please note even dual SIM, only one data channel is allowed, you cannot use data on both sim at the same time, you have to switch back and forth


[update: again, this will work ok as long as PM stays using 3G as voice.  if it changed to VoLTE and when 3G is gone for voice, then you will need PM sim to use data to get voice.  In this case, you might have issue to decide which SIM to use for data to allow voice on VoLTE.  Only one data channel at a time, so whoever got the data can receive voice -- of course you can use the trick for forwarding calls]


Thanks @darlicious  for correcting that. VoLTE would still work with Data turned off.  So, the concern above is now not a concern  🙂  

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