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Billing cycle restarts 1st of each month -- change plan now?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi there!


I'm currently on the $40/month plan with 5GB/month (circa: 2019).


There's a promo for $40/month with 15GB -- same cost but better data.


Before I make the change, some questions I have:

1) There is a "Change plan now" or "Change plan on renewal date". Since I've already paid for this upcoming billing cycle (charged May 1), will I be immediately charged another ~$40 by changing the plan now? Therefore, is "change at renewal date" recommended?


2) Fine print 7 reads: "No promo code or special offers applicable on the $40 plan with 15GB 4G speed data." Does this mean my existing autopay, loyalty, and referral rewards will NOT apply?


3) Will Public Mobile ever hike up the price on this plan from promo price of $40 to regular price of $60/month, as Roger's etc do with old plans?


Thanks all!


Mayor / Maire


You will not lose any of your rewards or add-ons in your account if you switch plans but DON’T switch from the old Rewards system to the new Points system when it ask you.

I would suggest you switch to the new plan on your next renewal date since you paid for service on 3G and when you switch now…you will be charged again.


Carriers change plans and prices constantly so who knows if prices will go up.

Mayor / Maire

If you do Change plan you will be immediately charged for new plan. SO if you are in beginning of cycle you will be charged twice for 30 days.

PM billing cycle is 30 days. Some months are the same date but eventually billing dates will be different.

Once signed to new plan price will stay and will not be hiked up. This is not limited time offer (plan for 12 months or similar).




1. use Change on renewal date instead or PM will start a new cycle today and charge you new plan charge again


2. you get to keep all the rewards discounts, no worry


3. that is not for a limited time there not.  But the  price will stay as long as PM not increase the price

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