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Bill paid - No calls allowed !!!

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have been using Public Mobile since February 2022 and never faced any issue. But now I am not able to make calls even when I have already made the payment (auto debit from Credit card that worked fine last two months) before bill payment due date. When I try to make calls, it says "you have used all the available minutes....", while I am on an unlimited talk plan and my current month cycle has just started !!!

Pls help!!!


I hope not bc you're right April has had a bunch of this.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Thank you all for your quick advice! Problem resolved, apparently I was trying to call an US number for which I had exhausted all available free minutes I guess...Calls to all Canadian numbers are working though...Interestingly, I never knew I had some free minutes to call to US because in the past, calling to that particular US number never had any issues.

Mayor / Maire

I wonder if this is a rising problem. There was the same thing 2 days ago. They haven't updated anything.

Mayor / Maire

What your account says? Is it Active? Any error messages?

Did you try to reboot your phone?

Based on your post you are on autopay, correct? You cannot be billed before renewal day as only then autopay runs.

Mayor / Maire



Log into self service and see if your plan is Active?
Try rebooting phone, resetting network settings, reinsert sim, put 1 in front of the number.


@debasisn3   this could be just a glitch for the outgoing calls.  did you try reboot your phone?  reboot it once and see if it works.  Also, try to put a 1 in front of the 10 digits phone number


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