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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi I have a $25 plan and want to get another for my kid. Is there a better deal out there if I change my plan. Not really looking to spend any more. The $25 plan works fine for me.


Mayor / Maire


I would suggest the $15 plan for your son with 100 outgoing calls, unlimited incoming calls and 250mb data and if you join before December 31. The is a one time free bonus of 3gb data and 500 minutes LD calling including Canada and the USA and other selected countries.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

I quite like dunkman's suggestion to try out the $15 plan for young children because you will receive free data and minutes this month as well and it gives you both time to see how much usage would be needed.   And it doesn't cost extra to change plans though most of the posters do recommend to change at next renewal since prepaid service means no refunds.



The only cheaper plan is the $15 plan for 250 mb data and 100 Canada outgoing minutes.  This is sufficient for some kids. 


If you activate before December 31, you will also get holiday data bonus  and talk bonus add ons, you could activate the $15 plan cheaper plan for 1-2 months to use up these bonuses.  Then if your son needs more data, switch to $25 plan. 


Otherwise, the cheaper plan usually don't have too many deals.  


@0411   there is a $30 for 3GB plan and $35 for 4.5GB if you need more data.


and if you are getting a new line for your kid, remember to use your referral code for this new line and you will earn $1 or 1 Public Point per cycle and the new line will get $10 one time 

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