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Anyone else with signal & speed issues?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen
  • Like DeJa Vu...can't believe I'm having to write this again. I guess I've just reached that frustration point and feel the need to vent & to see how many other PM clients experience the same BS as I have to deal with. 


For starters the whole log in procedure won't recognize my device nor will it accept my device as a trusted one when I select the box. Each and every time I try to log in I have to go through waiting for the text with the code blah blah blah. Why offer the option to recognize a trusted device, the same one that's registered on my account, when it doesn't work. It's been a "known glitch" for a little too long now PM... can't be that hard to rectify.

Secondly, the whole get support through chatbot trail that goes round and round and round leading you to nowhere. Did it work? NO. IT NEVER WORKS. Once again, why offer that as an option if it DOESNT EVER WORK??? It's beyond frustrating dealing with whatever issue you feel warrants a ticket submission in the first place let alone having to traverse a bunch of dead ends and stale links only to eventually figure out how exactly you can submit a ticket. The instructions DO NOT WORK. Perhaps it's just PM's way of lightening the load on their support team (which I'm sure consists of 2, maybe 3 people tips). They figure they'll just push everyone to the point of pulling their hair out of frustration that they'll give up trying...

Thirdly, and most importantly, why is your service coverage and Internet connectivity so sparatic? Sure I get that during peak times you choke out people who live in the rural areas in favor of fattening up the signal for all those in the metropolitan areas, shady play but I get it. But I'm not talking about peak times. I'm referring to All day everyday. One second it's cruising along just fine then out of nowhere, bam. Gridlock. 0.00KB/S. Drops to one tiny little signal bar and all I get to entertain myself with is that stupid loading circle that moves maybe two pixels a minute. Yes I've tried restarting my phone. Cleared my cookies and junk? Yep. Is my phone updated to the most current OS? Yes it is. Am I in an area clear from obstruction? Yes I am. Is my phone a "today's generation" model? Yes it is. Do I have space/ram left in my phone? Yes I do. Are my apn settings correct? Yes they are. Have I ported my phone number recently? Nope. Have I changed my plan recently? No. Do I have data left in my plan? Sure do! There's no way I could ever consume all 100g in a month as my plan allows  with such pathetic speeds. So as you can see I've covered all the basic stuff. Maybe it's just my sh!t luck. Is your luck any better? 


Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Massive congestion on the LTE network in NL as well, no idea if there is deprioritization for Public Mobile customers or not compared to core Bell/Telus, but it does make data nearly unusable in areas at times, even with decent signal. especially if you're stuck on low band LTE 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have a Oppo Reno 5g model CPH1921

I have tried 4g & 5g. My phone automatically bounces between 4g & 5g and H when the service jams out.


I was using the app.


Thanks in advance for any advice. 

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Well if your service is as good as you claim then I guess there's hope for mine to be the same one day. 

Mayor / Maire

@Fedupclient   The Trusted Device option works for me but I don't delete cookies/history etc. on exit which could be why.  I'm also rural but haven't had connectivity problems.  I have noticed in a couple of local spots around which I visit occasionally that data speed drops off to almost nothing, whereas not far away it can be up to the 5G limit but I don't have problems otherwise.  My PM service has been more reliable than with my previous provider but obviously you aren't having the same experience, unfortunately.

Mayor / Maire

HI @Fedupclient 

what phone you have ?  did you try to change to 4G network instead of using 5G?

and were you using app or browser to login My Account?

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