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Any cautions on using a new Pixel 7 Pro with Public Mobile?

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I've got the $120 12 GB 90-Day Plan, and have been quite happy with it for a number of years through a couple of phones, lastly a Galaxy S9 (with the exception of US data plans the last year or so...). 

Just ordered a Pixel 7 Pro, and wondered if there is anything I should be aware of w.r.t. Public Mobile, our current plan and this new phone?


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Mayor / Maire


You should have no problem using the Pixel 7 Pro on your grandfathered plan.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

That's great to hear, thanks.  Do you know if I do switch plans, do I maintain my long term Loyalty,

Pre-Authorized, and Refer-a-Friend discounts?


@WRXFiles , no issues whatsoever with using the pixel family of phones on this service.  I am using an older pixel.  BTW, I suggest you switch out of the 2016 fall promo for the $40/15GB plan.  You pay the same fee and get 11GB more data every 30 days and have Canada wide calling instead of province wide calling.  Check out this option in the plans and add-on section of the self serve account.