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All my referral bonus are gone after the new program

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I believe I got seven referral bonuses under the prior reward program, but all of that information has vanished once Public Mobile switched me to the new incentive program.

My current plan is $34 a month, and with the auto-pay ($2) and loyalty reward ($5) in the old reward program, I was paying $19.95 on my credit card statements, thus the math suggested I had at least 7 referral bonuses, but the new reward portal shows I have 0???

How can I get these referral bonuses back?


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

You cannot get the referral bonuses back.  All rewards have been wiped out for users that had the old reward system. You're essentially starting from scratch, with PM's 'thanks' for the old referrals by giving you 5 points, and bonus data (that expires in 150 days) - The equivalent of a 'gold star' badge.

Please see response below from PM when I submitted a ticket that asked for my referrals to be reinstated (bold is mine):

"Hello Radiant1,

Thanks for reaching out to us. My name is Tony and I'll be glad to assist you today.

Starting May 1st all customers who were on the previous rewards system were automatically switched to the Public Points rewards. You can find more details about the new reward system here:

You will accumulate 1 Public Point/month for each active referred friend. Your can redeem 15 Public Points towards a $15 credit towards your next monthly plan renewal.

The rewards on the previous reward system will no longer be applied. Please note that this is not something that we can cancel or reverse.

Let me know if you have other questions."

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

...and dropped significantly in value!

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@Lorraine8 wrote:

If I go to My Rewards, Activity, it shows one point. I should have 3 points, one for each referral. How do I contact PM about this?

Some subscribers have left PM recently because of the changes to the Rewards program. It is possible that some of your referrals have gone to other providers.

@Lorraine8  use the chatbot to create a ticket. Good you see something, mine isn't there and I was switched over  sibce May 17.

I know for a fact that non of my referrals have left.  We are all family and I manage the accounts.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

If I go to My Rewards, Activity, it shows one point. I should have 3 points, one for each referral. How do I contact PM about this?

Mayor / Maire

HI @TaoC 

when was it renewed?  was it today?

did you check the Rewards site for rewards transactions?  you should see the 5% points on $34 and the 7 points for referrals.  if your plan renewed today, the referrals point might need  as long as 2 days to show up.  But I assure you that they are still there

Mayor / Maire

You will get 1 point for each referral instead of $1.

So no, referral bonus did not go away; it just changed currency...

@TaoC @Lorraine8 

your referrals are still there, just that it is not showing like before

After moving to Public Points, the referrals will no longer be showing in a list like before.  There is no way on the Rewards portal to confirm how many you currently have and who are they anymore.   
Instead, you can only tell how many referrals you have when PM deposits the referrals points into your Rewards account after your renewal (within 48 hours).  

PM is aware the demand to see the full list like before when subscribers were on the legacy system and they are working on a solution.   But there is no ETA at the moment.

Mayor / Maire

@TaoC  I was recently switched over myself,  and my referrals have yet to be added to my account. I'm hoping to see them automatically done for next billing or I will be contacting PM. The website does say it can take up to 30 days to be added.

As for the other rewards,  yes those are gone and we have to pay in full now and then get 5% back each month and 10 points on the anniversary date.

No good at all.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I had 3 referrals previously and now I only have one so will be watching replies....

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