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All incoming calls are shown as "Private Number" on Phone Display

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I am using google pixel 6A. Everything was working fine a week ago. But recently the phone has started showing all incoming calls as "Private Number". Even for the contacts that i talk to on daily basis.

I have tried going in to call settings to see if any of the options has somehow been disabled but everything looks fine.

What should i do to fix it?



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I have had this same problem with my Google pixel 7a for the last several weeks. I've gone back and forth with customer service repeatedly, and this was the answer! Thank you!

Mayor / Maire

Although it’s a long shot, you can also try dialing *#30# on your phone. This is a standard GSM feature code that’s used to check if incoming caller ID is enabled on your line. If you get a response that says it’s off, you can dial *30# to try re-enabling it:

Do not display: #30#
Display: *30#
Status: *#30#

On my current android phone only the *#30# status option works - and returns "Incoming caller ID Service was Enabled." Maybe try dialing that to confirm you see the same? If not, try the SIM in another phone. If still no incoming caller ID in another phone, contact the moderators - maybe some kind of account reset would help...

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I tried the phone setting as you recommended and it did not fix the issue also verified that my phone has latest software update and it says it does.

The only other item , i would still have to try is to put SIM on a different phone and see if that is going to fix.

I will post the result once i do.





could be an issue with Pixel.  Just this morning there was another Pixel user reporting the same issue 

Do you have another phone to test the sim card?  It can confirm if it is only a device issue

and on your Pixel, make sure the phone has the latest OS update.

Then on your phone,  go to Settings and find the "Default caller ID & spam app" , if it is currently set to "None", select the "Phone" app.   But if it is already set to "Phone" set it to "None", reboot the phone  and then back to "Phone"


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