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Activating YouMail

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am trying to link YouMail to my Public Mobile number. According to the activation process in YouMail, I need to ask Public Mobile to remove voicemail from my account, and I need to confirm that I have Conditional Call Forwarding.


Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I have YouMail working on my Pixel 7 (VoLTE on PM).  I've been a YouMail user for a decade.  Years ago they provided me with a custom deposit number to forward to rather than their generic number.


  1. Change preferred network type from LTE/5G to 3G
  2. Use the MMI codes as shown in "How to Set Up Call Forwarding" .  I used *004*
  3. Test with "Verify YouMail is working" in the YouMail app
  4. Change preferred network type back to LTE or 5G
  5. Test again with "Verify YouMail is working" in the YouMail app

I successfully enabled it in the fall and it worked flawlessly until a few days ago.  Went through the steps again, and it works properly as before.  


Mayor / Maire

HI @Ben_P 

PM won't remove voicemail, there is no way to do that

Some people set a conditional forwarding to forward the calls to Youmail instead of the PM voicemail

However, conditional forwarding was broken for sometime and hence it won't work. 

So in short, you cannot use YouMail, sorry about that

But if you like you can submit the question about disabling voicemail and conditional forwarding to PM agent.:    please submit a ticket with CS Agent here:

Mayor / Maire

@Ben_P  That could be a problem best to confirm with support 

send a  private message   To CS_Agents

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