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Activated, but Suspended?

Deputy Mayor / Adjoint au Maire

So last night I Activated another Brand new Account on the $34 • 40GB Black Friday Deal, given that it was after 2:00AM the Activation Portal was being very slow, but I decided to take my chances and try finishing the Activation anyways since I was worried this offer was going to dissapear today. (Glad I trusted my intuition.)

After Paying, it was trying to Activate the Subscription and it said 'Activation Failed - Contact Support', now this happens all the time and I know how to get past this without contacting an Agent. (

After I did this, I signed back in and i was able to 'Confirm for Full Access' and the code was sent to the New SIM and Number I selected upon Activation which came through no problem.

Everything worked, but once I got into the Self Serve Account it says 'Your Subscription has Expired'. It says my last Billing Cycle was October 29th-November 28th like its already been active for a month and expired, it keeps saying 'Pay Now to Resume Services' even though the First Payment went through when I Activated, I can see it as a successful and settled charge on my Credit Card Statement.


I changed the Card on my Account immediately to an Empty Prepaid one so it doesn't try to Auto-renew and Charge me Twice, but it still doesn't realize Payment has already been made.

This happened once before with another Account I was Activating, but when I signed in it put the $34 in Available Funds for me to pay the First Bill, this time it did not add it to Available Funds, and there is nothing in 'View Payment History'.


I guess my question here Is there a way to get it to configure first Payment without contacting an Agent, or is this only something Customer Support can fix?

Second Question, since the 'Activation Failed', would the Friend Referral Code that I used still have been applied?

I don't want to waste the Agents time if I can easily resolve this myself.



Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

you may wanna contact the mods for this one, has this has your account suspensed.

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