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Accept the transfer to another company

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I am trying to transfer my number to Koodo and the request for it has already been sent but I do not have my sim card and I do not have access to my account. How can I accept the transfer?


Mayor / Maire

Great point, if you were porting to Rogers or bell you may be out of luck, but since they are both under the Telus umbrella they have been able to transfer it over in the past. 

Mayor / Maire


You need to have the carrier you are porting to help…Koodo.

Since both PM and Koodo are under the Telus. It should be easy for them port your old number.

Mayor / Maire

When transferring number out of PM both accounts have to be active AND PM SIM has to be in the phone to confirm transfer (answer Yes within 90 min of initiating transfer - porting out).


@sofiadeanda , you need your SIM card so that you can receive the porting notification on the Public Mobile end and accept the transfer.  If you don't have the SIM card, then I suggest you use the chatbot link and initiate a support ticket for the number transfer.