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$40 for 15gb change plan on renewal day

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Screen Shot 2022-11-28 at 1.23.10 PM.png



Found this comment in a post. Just wonder if it's correct. 


If I want to get this deal and change my plan to this plan, Do I have to change now or I can choose to change on the next renewal day?






@Community_QA   Yes, the code works in self serve and some customers have successfully already had the discount applied for immediate plan change to this offer.    I'm going by my reading of J_PM's post, unless I'm seriously missing something, I would assume the mention of renewal (not new activation) and that the discount should apply in the new plan change is acknowledging that existing customers are eligible too.


@brettster99 the regardless of renewal or change the discount should be factored into new breakdown. Meaning the discount will apply in the new plan change. This could be a caching issue."

Mayor / Maire

@gpixel   Yes, that would be the reason why you don't see it available.  Just checked and all the promo plans are still available in self serve and the 20OFF code is also still working on the $55/20GB, even though yesterday was supposed to be the last day for it.

@dabr @Community_QA 

maybe I can't see it cause I've already taken the offer...

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@gpixel wrote:

the $40/15gb expired nov.26 12am. it's no longer available 

@gpixel   i still see the plan there

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

@dabr   i was reading the link , does J_PM already confirm the code work for existing ?


Mayor / Maire

@aomo53   According to a post from PM Community Manager the code should be valid even for scheduled changes:

Mayor / Maire

@gpixel    Just checked, that plan is still available in self serve along with the $45/20GB and also the $55/20GB can still be discounted to $35 with the code until 11.59PM ET tonight.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Was having the same issue, just tried "change plan now" instead of "change on renewal date", and it applied the code and made the change immediately.
Since my plan renews on the 8th, when I tried applying the Cyber Monday offer that ends tonight, it had me in a never ending loading loop. 

Looks like promo codes can't be carried over to renewal dates, if renewal dates fall outside the promo code validity.

Mayor / Maire

the $40/15gb expired nov.26 12am. it's no longer available 

Mayor / Maire

That's an odd thing for Osvaldo to say since the $40 /15GB plan has been available for a few weeks now.

If you are a current PM customer and want that plan to take effect on your next renewal date, give it a try in serf service area...make sure to save a screen shot of the plan change in case you need it for evidence later on....



Mayor / Maire

If you asked agent regarding offer you received Today, then most likely he is correct as offer sent today by SMS is for 'Cyber Monday'. As usual PM is not clear regarding offer due date.


But then again, if you log in to your account same offer (15GB) is still available and it has an option to change on renewal.



Mayor / Maire

HI @danvo1991  


I think you should reply to ask them to clarify


this is like an "ongoing" promotion and I believe they have been honouring "change plan on renewal date" even when the promotion is done at the renewal date


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