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2023 Monthly Payment receipts needed for tax purposes , can't find it on view payment history

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Hi, Please I need my monthly payment receipts for tax purposes . I did go to view history payment but could only see from December 2023 to February 2024. Please kindly provide all payments from January 2023 to December 2023.  I need to show proof of payment to my company  for tax purposes. I need the receipts ASAP. 




Mayor / Maire

HI @ZandreBKY 

sorry for the confusion.  Payment history is a full year , not 90 days (90 days is for usage history only)

So, as of today, you should be able to see payment between Feb 2023 to Feb 2024.  But if any renewal pay 100% via Available funds will not generate a downloadable invoice.   So, the invoice will only be generate if the payment was via credit card (even partially)

hope this clear things out

But if you really do not see all the invoices you want, please submit a ticket with CS Agent here:       

Mayor / Maire


Public Mobile will supply a report for the last calendar year for income tax purposes.

These are not priority requests, however, so don't expect it quickly.

The expectation is customers can download their own receipts every cycle should they need this for future purposes. 

So ask the customer support agents to provide that to you and on a go-forward I would recommend downloading each cycle receipt after payment has been made so you are prepared next year in advance.


Mayor / Maire


Unfortunately, you can only get a copy of your receipt online for the 90 days. 

You might check with a CS_Agent if they can supply it for you but don't hold your breath.

Just private message a CS_Agent at: 

That is why I print my monthly statement and submit to my employer.

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