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Exciting changes to our brand and customer experience

Retraité / Retired
Retraité / Retired

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Hey Community,


We’ve got some exciting news to share with you!


As you may have noticed already (sorry – hard to hide this one :)) we’ve updated our look! From a new logo, new colours, to fresh, fun illustrations- we got a makeover. Why? Because, we’ve been on a journey since 2015, and we’ve learned a LOT along the way. Our recent research, suggested our brand identity didn’t accurately reflect our mission: Public Mobile is the wireless company with you in mind. We didn’t name ourselves Public Mobile by accident after all. Everything we do – from offering the most affordable phone plans in Canada on the largest network, to rewards that save you even more, to this online community run by passionate customers is with you in mind.


And so, this new design truly embodies the personal, unique, simple and community first approach that Public Mobile stands for.  We hope you like the changes as much as we do. But that’s not all, beyond the makeover, we’ve also been hard at work working on some new initiatives that we think you’ll be pretty stoked for and are a long time in the making:


  1.     New ticketing resolution process – yes you read that right, it’s coming! More details to come this week (as this in itself warrants its own full Community post) but essentially, this process will make it faster + easier to track, manage, and resolve issues when submitting a ticket to our online Moderator team.


  1.   System improvements  - over the coming weeks, we’re excited to bring through a variety of system improvements. First up is an improvement to our latency and reliability of our web portals, meaning faster loading speeds in Self-Serve and fewer occasions of activation issues related to timing out. We’re also doing some fat trimming and are saying goodbye to our build your own plan calculator. While we love the flexibility of our plan calculator, the tradeoff is the ability to reduce pressure on our systems, help the general upkeep of our portals, and simplify the plan purchasing experience for customers. We know some plans can only be accessed via the plan calculator today, we plan (pun intended ;)) to bring some of those options  back in the near future! Lastly, as you're likely aware, we transitioned to refer-a-friend codes a few weeks ago to better protect your privacy and make referring easy 🙂


We can’t wait to hear what you think about all this goodness and are thrilled to deliver initiatives like #1 and #2 to simplify and improve the customer experience. We know we have more to tackle and are absolutely committed to continuing to make wireless simple, uncomplicated and accessible to all Canadians. Why? Because you’re the public, we’re for you.




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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

I am on the '3GB at 4G LTE Speed /90 Days' plan. There was an option to add +1G of data (LTE) for $5/month ($15 for 90 days). Is this still an option for plans that are grandfathered, after the custom builder plan has been decomissioned? I alwasy run very close to my limit and was considering adding 1G / month, but I am afraid now this might be out of the question, though not 100% sure. Thanks Cristian

@cristianIf you add the 1Gb add on it will not affect your plan at all and that 1Gb is at full LTE speed to you. The loss of the plan builder means you cannot upgrade to a full LTE plan with higher data allotment and if you leave the plan you currently have, you cannot return to it in the future.

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

This sounds great, looking forward to all the improvements you are making.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

did i miss something on the 'exciting customer experience'? When i look at my account it says 'Plan suspended' 'Plan expired' and it all happened on the 27 September 2019!! yep in the future. Do i have a plan with PM or not?

@Biff hi if your phone is working just ignor  it will usually clear up on its own Smiley Happy

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen





@will13am wrote:

@srlawren wrote:

@Dave_M I like the fresh coat of paint and I'm extremely excited about the ticketting system (though, also trepidatious until I actually see it live).


However, why the removal of the plan builder?  Can you please provide more info on exactly what problems this was causing?  I'm sure that in recent history, the ready-made/promo plans have been very popular, but is there not still a non-trivial percentage of the userbase that currently has a pick-and-pay plan?  I think that for a lot of people, that's one of the great things about PM, so that they can pay for exactly the services they really need.  I'd love to hear more about what the challenges are and what the advantage is to removing the plan builder.  Are existing pick-and-pay customer plans grandfathered indefinitely?  If so, can you really gain any operational efficiencies while maintaining that backward compatibility?  Could we maybe get a developer's blog entry on this?  cc: @Alan_K 

+1,000,000!  If removing plan options for customers is the way to make the portal run faster, I would tolerate the slower speed for more plan options.  I will generally agree to more plan options as this makes the service appealing to a larger customer base.  This is a step in the backward direction.  

What they said!!!!!!!   The build your own plan was what brought me to public mobile, i hate the other companies where you can only choose the plans they want you to have, loved the flexability of choosing what parts were important to me it is what made Public unique and stood out over other companies.


Have to say i much prefered the old look, the new logo really needs work.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

This is exciting!!

@SherrieWeiler wrote:

This is exciting!!

No, not really!


Koodo Shock Free Data debut in 2016

Anyone on older grandfather plan has no protection


Fido didnt introduce this feature until 2019 and I don't recall seeing Virgin ever doing this before unlimited plans


That really is the difference. The surprise factor coupled with the fact that every carrier who has both data add ons & overage charges has such a pricing disparity

The fact every carrier in Canada (incl Koodo/Fido at one time) had random bill charges

I am sure you have read newspaper horror stories about how some teenagers rang up bills with obscene amounts (I personally have a Bell bill with over $20,000 in charges)


Even Wind had extra data charges back in their earliest days




Also your analogy is fundementally flawed

In an overage situation you ARE using the data

In an addon situation you are NOT using the data (on postpaid data not consumed vanishes, on prepaid data not consumed the balance carries over)

All 3 of these situations are vastly different animals due to amounts being billed, how they are being billed, the quantity of data being billed, and what happens to the data after the billing cycle


PS you love to tag me into these threads don't ya Cat LOL




@srlawren wrote:

@KamWest I've heard @kav2001c argue that overages and data add-ons are fundamentally different too, but I honestly don't think so.  In either case, you are using more than the amount included in your plan (whether that's no data or 100 GB of data) and paying for an amount above and beyond your plan amount in order to use/keep using data during the cycle. Why is this an unfair comparison?  In fact, some providers now pause your data and make you authorize the overage (e.g. Koodo's "shock-free data"), which makes them even more like explicitly buying an add-on for data.  I'm really struggling to see why these concepts are fundamentally different, and why you think $30/1GB is outrageous but for some reason think $100/1GB is okay.  


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

This is welcoming, continue doing what’s best and more efficient