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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Rewards

@wetcoaster wrote:

@frostbite wrote:

So many asking about rewards. It would be too easy if Public Mobile tells how to get them.  Many have figure it all out.

Not sure if you are sarcastic here, but if people would take the time to read the Knowledge Base (@Dunkman linked to the comprehensive article re: rewards...), ask the chatbot SIMon, - or even just use the search function and find out if someone else had the same question (which is extremely likely with a basic question on a public forum) - repetitive posting of this kind of topic would not be necessary. 

Very sarcastic indeed. All threeds need to be 10 pages long and repond back and forth with one line replies. Repitition works too. Repeat someone weeks later if needing more rewards.  The more the better.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Re: Rewards

@Ambermoyles The reason why Rewards are indeed given out to public mobile users, is for three basic facts out of many.

1. Make some connections and to help out your fellow neighbours.

2. It is a friendly and helpful thing to do, (just like your neighbors beside you inside your neighborhood) help without the expectations of getting something in return.

3. It may solve issues that not just you have, (but other's may have the same issues as well with the phone.)

4. It brings more socializing to the Public Mobile Community.


   So I hope I shed some light on why Rewards are indeed given out. P.s. I am also a online video game player and we use a online-voice chat based community with the same issue and problem solving skills and system that Public Mobile Community uses, it's very important and useful.



          Trevor C.W. Bennett

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