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Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: CCS latest pm marketing


It sure explains their latest marketing scheme. I don't know if I would trust these guys!

Mayor / Maire

Re: CCS latest pm marketing

I forgot I started this thread....anyhow I thought I would revive it to help explain CCS's latest marketing for pm. They now have their own version of a flash sale that feature a very limited time to activate one of their bundles or if you are smart you have already ordered an unactivated bunde and its already arrived and you have been patiently waiting for either pm or CCS to announce a flash sale.


CCS does honour whichever bundled discount you had ordered. Previously the discounts were as high as 50% off your first month but now they are consistently 20% off your first month (when you purchase your bundle) and a free sim card. You can have them add your referral code and any stackable promocodes that pm may currently have on offer.


June 26th and 27th CCS is offering a third month free credit presumably offered/credited by pm under their usual terms of it being added to your account within the next 60 days and being equal to the plan you activated on.....I will work out the math on how you can maximize the discount on the new $70/15.5gb plan as I usually do this with the $50 plan ( I will link it.) See below.....


When ordering the $70 bundle for $56+tax and activating the $70/15.5gb plan once you have your account activated and access to your self serve account you can schedule a plan change onnext renewal to the $40 or $35 plans and the credit will cover 2 months of service. Schedule it to change to the $15 plan and it will cover 7 months of service with enough to pay for a $5/500 min calling add on left over and an averaged cost of $8+tax/month.


June 22nd to 29th CCS has been offering what is now described as a 6gb one time bonus. Confirm with CCS this offer as it now sounds like a one time 6 gb add on? But could also be a 1gb plan data bonus × 6 months? So please confirm before you order/activate with CCS. It is available to plans $25+ and if it is add on data it has a value of $90( 6×$15/1gb) so an excellent deal for anyone activating the $25 plan who has monthly data usage right around 1gb....great back up for small data overages on monthly plan data.


The following link explains the discount on the $50/10.5gb plan using a CCS referral code.(YMMV) Please note you can no longer stack the promocode in that post.

Mayor / Maire

Re: CCS latest pm marketing

Hey community members,


I figured I best update this thread. I checked out the CCS website and I see I missed a flash sale promo on the long weekend. If you don't mind waiting out for one of their exclusive pm flash sales or one from pm you can still save significantly if you don't mind paying and waiting or getting an extra discount and getting bonus data. But you must be prepared.


CCS offers discounted activation bundles.These include a free pm sim card and a discounted first month (30 days) when you purchase 2 months of service. The discounts range between 20% ($15 plan up to 40% ($50 plan). If you don't live in the Toronto area to be able to pick one up then it's best to order one ahead of time rather than having to have an activated SIM card shipped to you  during the flash sale. So you order the bundle and once it arrives you sit on it until either CCS or PM announces a flash sale.


Most recently they were offering the same promo code offer as pm with the 2gb of bonus monthly plan data on $35+ plans. Or they also offer a one time 6gb bonus data add on ($25+ plans)or a third month free credit. The first month discounts are as follows....


  1. 20% off $15 plan ($3)×2 months=$27+free sim card
  2. 20% off $25 plan ($5)×2 months=$45+free sim card
  3. 28.5% off $35 plan ($10)×2 months=$60+free sim card
  4. 37.5% off $40 plan ($15)×2 months=$65+free sim card
  5. 40% off $50 plan ($20)×2 months=$80+free sim card
  6. 35.5% off $70 plan ($25)×2 months=$115+free sim card

If you are not interested in a larger data plan and would prefer the $15 or $25 plan then ordering the $50 plan and waiting for the free third month credit will save you the most money in the long run. The credit is based on the plan you activate on. You can then schedule a plan change on next renewal to your preferred plan. You will recieve the free month credit sometime in the following 60 days. Your account balance will be as follows...


You pay upfront $80+$10.40(13%tax - Ont)=$90.40 or shipped elsewhere $80+$4(5%gst)=$84


Your payment/transaction history will appear like this....


10×$10 voucher top ups=$100-$50(1st month)=$50+$10 (bonus referral credit)=$60 schedule a change plan on next renewal to A$15 plan or B$25 plan Both accounts will get $2 autopay reward. 


A. $60+$2=$62 - $15(2nd month)=$47+$50(3rd month free credit)=$97+$2=$99 - $15(3rd month) =$84 +$2=$86 - $15(4th month)=$71+$2=$73 - $15(5th month)=$58+$2=$60 - $15(6th month) =$45+$2=$47 - $15(7th month)=$32+$2=$34 - $15(8th month)=$19+$2=$21 - $15(9th month) =$6+$2=$8 Either pay $7 for the 10th month or use $5 of the credit to buy the $5/500min add on to supplement the 100 outgoing plan minutes and pay $12 for the 10th month. $80+$7/$12=$87/$92 $87+tax for 1 month of $50 plan+9 months of the $15 plan or $92+tax includes $5/500min add on


B. $60+$2=$62 - $25(2nd month)=$37+$50=$87+$2=$89 - $25(3rd month)=$64+$2=$66 - $25(4th month)=$41+$2=$43 - $25(5th month)=$18+$2=$20(add $5 top up)+$5=$25 - $25(6th month)=$0 $80+$5(top up) =$85+tax for 6 months of service (1 month of $50 plan+5 months of the $25 plan.)


For under $100 including tax you get $15/10 months or $25/6 months both with $50/10.5gb plan w/US calling for the first month and averaging (A.)$9 or (B.)$15 per month.


There may or may not be stackable pm bonus data promo codes available at the time of the sale.


From the CCS website...


Latest Offers!
ORDER FREE SIM CARDS FOR CANADIAN / USA PROVIDERS WITH SAVING PLANS We update this Page as soon as we get new Promos and also send an email to all subscribers on our website.   Note: Our Promos & Deadlines can be different than the Providers website and our current deals are available only with below 3 options. OPTION 1

If you have already placed a SIM Activation Order and received the SIM Card then Just Submit the Activation Form on our website menu during the promo period mentioned in below offers.


Order SIM Activation Plan, Choose Local Pickup Mississauga ON on Checkout  and pickup with Appointment 289 937 2200 (7 Days) during the promo period mentioned in below offers.


Just order SIM Activation Plan and Choose Paid Shipping Method as Expedited Parcel or Xpress Post and we will Activate & Ship the SIM Card during the promo period mentioned in below offers.

PUBLIC MOBILE LATETS PROMOS Offer 1. Get 3rd Month FREE (All Plans) Valid from 26.Jun.2021 to 27.Jun.2021 Offer 2. Bonus 6GB from $25 Plans ( One-time ) Valid from 22.Jun.2021 to 04.Jul.2021 Offer 3. Bonus 2GB Data from $35 Plans ( For 6 Months) Valid from 29.Jul.2021 to 02.Aug.2021


Mayor / Maire

Re: CCS latest pm marketing-free month!!

 Two days left for this CCS PM free month credit flash sale. My previous posts to save money stands but this one works a little differently from what I can tell....pick your plan and activation bundle. Pay and they send you the free sim card. Once it arrives you fill out the activation form and CCS will activate you and pay your first month with your activation bundle payment sitting as a credit on your account. You can then downgrade your plan by scheduling a change plan on next renewal.


Edit: see new post for offer extension.....


Note: CCS is considered a retail in store activation not eligible for the current promocode flash sale from pm.






Mayor / Maire

Re: CCS latest pm marketing-free month!!


The current activation bundle discounts for the above flash sale are as follows:


  1. $15 plan $15 - $3=$12/20% off+*
  2. $25 plan $25 - $5=$20/20% off+*
  3. $35 plan $35 - $8=$27/23% off+*
  4. $40 plan $40 - $10=$30/25% off+*
  5. $50 plan $50 - $15=$35/30% off+*
  6. $70 plan $70 - $20=$50/28.5% off+*

*+free sim card (msrp $10/CCS $5)

$50 plan offers the best savings /you order the bundle and pay $35+13% tax for Ont/5% tax Can


CCS pays first month $50 you get a $50 credit in your account +$10 bonus referral credit=$60 Before your first renewal you schedule a change plan on next renewal to the $15 plan and you will pay...


$60+$2(autopay)=$62 - $15=$37+$2=$39 - $15=$24+$2=$26 - $15=$11+$'2=$13 you add $2=$15 - $15=$0  5 months of service for $35+$2=$37+tax=$7.40 per month/1st month 10.5gb data and unlimited Canada/US calling 2nd month forward unlimited incoming /100 outgoing minutes($15 plan)

Mayor / Maire

Re: CCS latest pm marketing-free month!!

And it changes again....offer extended to 11 am et August 16th.  Back to second month free credit. I believe everything else stands......order that $50 plan and downgrade on first renewal!

Mayor / Maire

Re: CCS latest pm marketing-free month!!

A little redundant but if you are following this thread and you ordered  an activation bundle last weekend from CCS then ask CCS when activating if this is stackable with their free month flash sale.

If so you have scored the same deal that is usually only offered around the holidays.



This is what I was talking about for your landline.....


Great Citizen / Super Citoyen

Re: CCS latest pm marketing

These are some good deals!

Mayor / Maire

Re: CCS latest pm marketing

CCS is open again and offering until September 14th a 2gb bonus monthly plan data for 6 months on $35+ plans. The activation bundle with free sim card for the $35 plan is $27, the $40 plan is $30 and the $50 plan $35.

Town Hero / Héro de la Ville

Re: CCS latest pm marketing

I will have to keep this in mind the next time I find someone to refer to public mobile. These are some good deals if there isn't a current promotion on to also take advantage of to save money.

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