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Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

Re: Going on two weeks: Still no help, no service, working sims or phone number.

So a Mod finally contacted me and told me that my previous 2 sims are a bust, my previous account is a bust, and my previous paid amounts are a bust.


So I was forced to set up a second account with a new email address, and a new phone number since my ported number became lost in that whole shuffle. The last sim worked seemlessly with the new PM number.


I don't know if I should order two more sims and do my wife and kids phones now or not. This was not a great idea its cost a lot of money and it took over two weeks. 


My wife has her phone for her business, her number can't be lost that would cause a great deal of lost communication. I don't know if I trust the network or the mods to help with getting her phone ported properly.


Either way, I guess I have my phone problem "solved!?!?"