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Suggestion how to avoid losing service if credit card update is not working

Mayor / Maire

This is only suggestion if your credit card is due for replacement/update (expiry date is getting close).

When you get new credit card, before activation it (as activation will cancel current one) add funds to your account for 2-3 months in advance.
THEN activate card and try to update info in your PM account. If update does not work after few attempts at least you will have service paid for a few months and then you can proceed trying all suggestions to somehow update CC info.

If your CC card is replacement due to lost/stolen one PM bill due day is very close - that is a tough one. Try all suggestions - clean browser, incognito, app with location permission and good luck.

WHY PM is NOT fixing this? WHY so many customers (old and new) still have issue with such basic functionality? Does PM wants to have customers or not????


Mayor / Maire

thanks @Meow 

we are trying to ask people to wait an hour first, and 24 hours if fails 

incognito/private/secret mode on browser. And I saw Oracles advised to try using app with Location permission, but this one we don't see any confirmation yet 

Mayor / Maire

My neighbor had problems doing this. However, I told her to wait 24 hours and I'd fix it. She had a Samsung Fold phone. I went into the app section and cleared the cache and data. Rebooted her phone, logged her back into the PM app and was able to update her new credit card info with zero problems. 

To me, this is more of a cache/data issue within the app itself. Just like how it's a cache issue within the browsers on a PC. Just my two cents.

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