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Re: URGENT Activation Help- Porting from Lucky Mobile

@hycm53 , Don't Panic it's always a good idea to port a number with an Account Number of the Previous Provider, however IMEI numbers work fine as long as it's the IMEI number that has the Sim card in it, dual SIM phones have two IMEI number so make sure to use the IMEI that has your lucky Mobile SIM card in it.  Also again don't worry if Public Mobile Moderator don't reply on time. Every Major Prepaid Providers in Canada let you Port your Number out even if you are not in Active paid status as long as your account is active  however the two provider that don't let you Port out when you are not in Active paid status are Public Mobile & Koodo Prepaid, since you are with Lucky Mobile you will be fine when porting out to Public Mobile even if you are not in Active paid status.

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Re: URGENT Activation Help- Porting from Lucky Mobile

@hycm53 wrote:

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I received a text message asking for ESN/MEID to port my number. All i have is an IMEI numbers of my dual SIM phone. The Lucky Mobile sim that I'm porting is currently in the second SIM slot of my phone with IMEI 8660XXXXXXXXXX.

My Account expires tonight, So please assist ASAP.




When you’re porting Lucky mobile number to PM, you only need Lucky mobile account number and PIN number that if you have and Lucky mobile account must be activated. If you don’t have Lucky mobile account number then you have contact Lucky mobile to get it. After successfully porting Lucky mobile will close your account. 

If Lucky mobile account was closed before porting, you need contact moderator team to help you porting:

Maybe someone could point out how to successfully contact Lucky, to get your account number?


As I mentioned in another thread, I COULD NOT find my Lucky account number in my online account, and when I tried to phone them to get the required info, all I ever got was their annoying menu system, that never gave me the option to speak to a real person. Maybe I overlooked something, but I tried it over & over again(including Googling for the info that Lucky's site seems to be missing), with ZERO success, so I simply used the IMEI number instead, which got the job done.