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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

when accessing voicemail greeting message starts and immediately goes to recording.have to then hit the * button to get to the main menu hit the #1 button multiple times to hear my voicemail.should also inform that this issue has been since activation of the sim card a couple of days ago.could it be a faulty card?



Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

To access voicemail, genrally you can do that by just holding the #1 on the dialpad and it would automatically access your voicemail.


To reset your voicemail password/pin code, you have to go to your selfserve account, under "my profile" there should be a button "Reset Voicemail Password". That should be able to reset your code.

Mayor / Maire

Here is information about how to setup voicemail.

Mayor / Maire


Did you port your phone number into pm? Was it successful? It sounds like you are accessing voicemail from a phone number other than one attached to your device. As you are describing how to access your voicemail from another number so as to save outgoing minutes on limited minute plans ( ie. $15 plan). except after * you would enter your 4 digit voicemail pin #.(1111?)


Check and see if your account with your old provider is still active. Have you been recieving incoming calling and texting? Did you set up your voicemail after activation of your pm sim card and record the greeting that you hear when you call voicemail?