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switch to public mobile

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

hello everyone

I am Kodoo member and I decided to change my operator to public mobile meanwhile do not any change in my phone number? How can I do so? is it possible?


HI @ricknos  PM is self-server.  it is quicker to manage porting yourself.   And in porting, it is easier and quicker to activate and port together

Only porting from Koodo prepaid need customer rep to help

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

ask customer rep to port your old number



Koodo and PM are both owned by Telus. So, a Koodo number can be ported into PM

unless you are going to activate with eSIM,  get a Public Mobile sim card from


Once you have the sim card, activate your account using the app or on PM website. 

If you have a Koodo Prepaid account, you will need to activate first with a temporary phone number.  And when the activation is confirm completed (you can make and receive outgoing calls), open a ticket with Support and ask them to help porting your Koodo number into PM


If you have a Koodo Postpaid account, you will request to Transfer your exiting number instead of picking a new number.  Please provide your current phone number and the Koodo account number

Once activation completed , still have the old provider sim card in your phone.  Your old provider will send you a SMS and ask your permission for the porting.  You need to reply YES within 90 mins for the porting to complete

Once replied yes, you can put your PM sim card in a phone and wait for incoming calls to come.  Reboot your phone ever 30 mins and test incoming call from another line.  If incoming call reaches your PM sim card, then the Porting is completed


Mayor / Maire

@Ghazall  so you want to keep you Koodo phone number ? You port your number , to PM from Koodo , are you a Koodo post paid or pre paid also ? 

Mayor / Maire

HI@Ghazall Koodo number can for sure port into PM. 

If you have Koodo Postpaid , When you acitvation PM, just select you will bring your own number and enter Koodo account number. 

But if Koodo postpaid, then activate a new number first and ask PM support to help porting later when the activation is completed

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