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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

I live in Montreal and can't talk to my brother.
When I call him, he has no incoming signal and I only hear the machine: his phone number and leave a message. The same thing happens when one of his friends from Toronto calls him
Except in these two cases, he normally answers calls
What's wrong with the connection network? Please fix this.


Mayor / Maire

@KJ-514   are you with PM or your brother with PM? Are you both in Montreal?


For you , can you call someone else without issue?


Ontario had some weather problem on Saturday and some problem with phone service in many part of the province.  It could be because of that and your brother is not getting the calls

Telus is aware of the problem and is working on it


or your brother in Montreal?  If that is the case, your brother will likely need to reboot his phone first and check his My Account status just to confirm

Mayor / Maire


It is probably related to the crazy storm. 
Check the Telus outage map to confirm: 


Nothing you can do but wait until all services are restored.

Mayor / Maire



Can he receive calls from ANYONE?


Try these fixes:


  • ensure airplane mode is not enabled
  • ensure do not disturb is not enabled
  • ensure the number is not on a blocked senders list
  • disable any call-forwarding features/settings
  • turn off Bluetooth -- it's possible the 'ringing' is going through to a Bluetooth device instead of device's speakers
  • remove and reinsert the SIM card
  • reset network connections


He has no signal, phone is off, or he is blocking your number.  

Mayor / Maire

If you can give us some more info and you can clarify some of the above questions it would go a long way into solving this issue. Are you both PM customers?

Mayor / Maire


Your brother needs to check the settings in his phone for his contacts : specifically you and his friend in Toronto. If it goes straight to voicemail he has enabled a contact specific setting like blocked, do not disturb, spam recognition, silent mode can try hiding your number "private number" and see if it rings your brothers phone rather than automatically diverting to voicemail.




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