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Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hello! @

I went on vacation for more than three months and didn't use my phone which cancelled my subscription due to the inactivity of the account. When I came back, I subscribed to a new plan and used a new SIM card but the service did not work. I was charged for many months but my service was not working I tried seeking public mobile for help and suggestions but nothing worked. I tried using a new SIM card thinking it would work but the same issue occurred and I have been charged for the past two months for my new plan. Currently, my subscription is on hold for some reason and the service has not been working. 

Ps. I haven't changed my phone and I have used a public mobile SIM card in the past and it was working fine then. 


Please let me know what I can do to get service back to my phone since I have already paid way too much money for the subscription in the past few months without being able to use any of the services provided on the plan.


Thank you!


Mayor / Maire

Hi @Humaira12 

As per @BKNS27 , create a new account using the new SIM card in your phone. Download the app via WiFi if it's not already on your phone. If you were unable to use the service, you can reach out to a CS Agent and see about a refund however because it's a prepaid service, it's up to you to contact someone for help ASAP so they may not refund you. But never say never. Send them a message via this link and keep an eye on your mail box in the top right corner.

Mayor / Maire


If you didn’t have AutoPay enabled on your subscription. Your account will be closed for nonpayment for over 90 days then your account will be closed, SIM is useless and you lost your old number.

Call 1-855-4PUBLIC to check on the status of your old account.

What you should have done is to switch to the $15 plan with AutoPay enable so you account will be active.

If this is the case then you need to create a new account on the PM app and pick a new number on the new SIM.

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