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"This plan is for Quebec residents only and intended for use in Quebec"

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin


I live in New Brunswick, so I was on the New Brunswick region of the site, and when I went to select a plan, I saw that it had "This plan is for Quebec residents only and intended for use in Quebec" written in the offer details section. And so, I thought this might be only specific to some of the plans, but from what I can see, it's there for all the plans available for the NB region. 

So, will it be alright to go forward with the plan purchase and use it in NB or will there be any issues? 



@VivekSH   When you look at the "shop" page where all the plans are displayed, only a displayed plan that has a + somewhere on it would be Quebec only.  I don't see any.

Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

Hi Phil,

So, all the plans have a + beside them on that line, does that mean all the plans are only for Quebec users? It's my first time with public so I'm a bit confused, sorry about that! 


Great Neighbour / Super Voisin

So I checked all the plans that were available to the NB region for the site, and all of them show the "Only for Quebec" message, which doesn't make sense. 

But for specific plans that all have the "Only for Quebec" message in the offer details - 

5G Speeds Plan = 

$40 / month 

$50 / month

$55 / month

$65 / month

4G Speeds Plan = 

$39 / month 

$24 / month (the plan I am interested in)

3G Speeds Plan = 

$25 / month 

$15 / month 

Mayor / Maire

@VivekSH   The "offer details" listing is the same for all plans but doesn't mean that all detailed items apply to all plans.  The example you saw has a + beside it, so you would need to also see a + on the plan for it to apply to that plan.  For the other details you have to match up the small numbers with the numbers on the plan.  It's a common way of doing this kind of itemization for cell providers, banks etc. but can be confusing until you realize that you have to match up the numbers and if there is no matching number/symbol then that detail doesn't apply.

Mayor / Maire

@VivekSH  Some plan are for Quebec only what plan are you referring to 

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