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iOS 9.1 connection issues

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle

Has anyone else been experiencing network connection issues since updating to iOS 9.1 in the past few weeks? My wife udpated her phone within the past week and several times she has not been able to receive calls or texts due to the signal being dropped.


I have searched the forums and most connection issues appear to be with new sign-ups while we have been here since the spring and have not had similar issues leading up to this.





I'm still on 9.02 without issues, but updates do sometimes cause issues. It would be odd for them to be intermittent, I think.


I have found that setting my iPhone 5 to 4G causes difficulty when on the fringe of service areas so I leave it set to 3G. What is her phone model?


If you can try her SIM in another phone, you may be able to confirm whether it is phone or SIM related?

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Yep - what @Luddite said. The next step would be to isolate the issue to find out if it's related to the SIM(and/or the service) or just that particular phone.

Model Citizen / Citoyen Modèle
Thanks guys. Much appreciated.

Sure - let us know what you find.