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data usage history is incorrect

Good Citizen / Bon Citoyen

It seems to be a common problem...?? My usage history from Sept. 03 to today shows as 0 MB available from 1 G in my plan.  Detailed history gives me 0.36 MB used.  
Why the discrepancy?

Thank you




Mayor / Maire

Do you compare your phone's usage history vs PM's or something else?
PM's usage history is the most accurate, particularly if you download Excel sheet.

Mayor / Maire



First , with this new site, you likely still reading off the cached version, so the usage you got was not up to date


Try to login My Account using Incognito mode (or InPrivate for Edge, Private for Safari)  or try again with a  completely different browser like Edge/Firefox/Chrome.  You should then see the latest usage from the server


And, for the detailed history, if you filtered it too early, it might not show the details correctly, check my earlier post with the issue and workaround


In short, best is to download the Excel file and filter it using Excel instead